If you have an e-commerce business, leveraging your social media accounts can greatly enhance sales and expand your company’s reach.


Back in the day, traditional marketing techniques were a one-way communication tool. Companies did the talking and audiences could only listen.


With the advent of social media marketing, however, the conversation became two-sided and the game changed. Not only could the audience comment directly to the company, but they could also hold discussions amongst themselves to either support or denounce products.


As social media marketing has evolved, so too has the relationships between companies and their customers. Customers now have a greater ability to both hold a company accountable for questionable practices as well as throw greater support behind companies they care about.


On the other side, companies have used social media marketing to help open the door to new marketing methods. This has allowed companies to become more creative in their audience outreach strategies.


With all that in mind, you too may be wondering how social media marketing can benefit your company. In today’s post, we offer some tips to help boost your social media marketing to help take your company to the next level.


social media marketing


Tips to Improve Your Social Media Marketing


1. Videos Capture the Imagination


If you sell a product, why not show it’s potential by creating a video? Some people have a hard time visualizing how a product works, or how it could benefit their lives. If you can explain that all to your audience in a short video clip, chances are it will be viewed more frequently than any of your written product descriptions.


Videos allow information to be easily consumed. They also allow a company to show off a bit of its personality. There are no rules that say videos must be business-like in nature. A little humor, a fun twist, or a tug on emotional heartstrings can take an average video and make it memorable.


The bonus for video creation is the potential to make it go viral. Audiences can see right through a contrived video and will often turn their backs on it due to its insincerity. However, a video created with some thought behind it can catch people’s interest. If they like it enough, they will want to share that content with their own network, thus expanding your company’s reach.



2. Create an Infographic

Does your company specialize in a niche market and have in-depth knowledge about a topic? If so, capitalize on that knowledge by creating an infographic.


As Mark Hayes points out, an infographic has the ability to drive traffic to your website and build backlinks. This all helps to increase your search engine optimization (SEO). Infographics provide easy-to-understand information to a company’s customer-base. It also serves as a valuable resource that many others will refer to time and time again.



3. Create Micro Content

Social media marketing doesn’t have to focus solely on selling a product. It can also be used to help build brand recognition and build a company’s reputation as a leader in its respective field. This can be accomplished by providing valuable content information in bite-size pieces.


People on social media are not looking to read in-depth essays. They simply don’t have the time and there are a lot of other items on the screen competing for a reader’s attention. Instead, providing regular snippets of valuable information on social media channels keeps your audience engaged and informed.


An easy way to create this micro content is to take advantage of your company blog. Chances are, you have a number of posts that follow this format: “5 Ways to Help Your Company Do X”. To create the micro content, take those ‘5’ ways and make each one of them their own separate social media message. If readers then want more information, a link back to the original article can be added somewhere on the post.



4. Run a contest

Another way to engage an audience with social media marketing is to run a contest. People love the chance to win something and are often willing to help promote your company for a chance to win.


People love the chance to win something and are often willing to help promote your company for a chance to win. Click To Tweet


The common Facebook contest “like and share this post” is a great example of this method. In order to be entered into the contest, someone needs to like the company’s post and then share the post with their social network. This type of content really helps to expand your company’s reach as it exposes people to your company who might not have otherwise heard about it.



Final Thoughts

E-commerce businesses thrive when they are supported by a large, supportive customer base. Social media marketing is a great tool to use when building and connecting with that customer base. Your imagination is the limiting factor when you are developing social media strategies that will help you stand out and get noticed by your audience. Have fun with it and see just how creative you can be.




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