Are you stressed trying to find time to post to social media while running your small business? 

You need to automate your small business social media!

It's common knowledge that every business, large or small, needs to be active on social media. But who has time to spend hours a day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and every other social media platform? By doing a little advance planning, you can automate your small business social media so that you can reach your followers without being a slave to your computer.

When you are a small business owner, automation is your best friend. Small business social media automation allows you to schedule your social media posts in advance to ensure that your social media accounts don’t go silent when you are busy with other things. Many businesses who use social media scheduling take an hour once every week or two to ready their posts for the upcoming days. Then all you have to do is comment and engage with your followers once the post goes live.

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When you automate your small business social media, you ensure that you are posting to various platforms at the right times. You can analyze the results to see if your evening posts get more engagement than the morning ones. Or you can find out if your posts on the weekend are seen by more than the ones posted during the week.

ways to automate your small business social media

Here are some of my favorite ways to automate your small business social media:


Buffer is scheduling software for Facebook and Twitter. It pushes out your content at specified times. Once posted, you can dive into the analytics and see what tweets and posts are performing the best.

Buffer is free to post 10 posts at a time per platform. You can upgrade to their professional plan and schedule an unlimited number.

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar recycles your posts so that the maximum number of people read them. It also allows you to post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at different times every day, and it provides analytics so you can decide which posts are doing well and which ones you should change.


Like Buffer and Meet Edgar, Hootsuite schedules posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It also tracks mentions so you can interact with your followers. It also offers protection against hackers.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social tracks mentions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. It also has a collaborative way to edit and share posts within team members. In the analytics, you can check on individual team members post performance.


Leke the rest of the scheduling software, SocialOomph schedules posts and tweets. It also tracks keywords and has access to 5 different Twitter accounts - perfect for social media managers. For an extra $6/month, SocialOomph finds you quality followers to follow and grow your accounts, and it will automatically unfollow those who unfollow you.

SocialOomph also schedules pins on Pinterest for those who use the popular search engine, and it schedules blog posts.

Social Flow

Social Flow claims to take the arbitrary guesswork out of social media by posting only when your followers are active on your chosen platforms. For use on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Social Flow takes your content and uses real-time data to determine what and when to post.


Tailwind is primarily a Pinterest app. It schedules posts at a variety of times so that you can take advantage of the second largest search engine. It has a Chrome extension that allows you to schedule pins right from your Pinterest page. At the end of the week, Tailwind sends you analytics so that you can see your best-performing pins.

Board Booster

Similar to Tailwind, Board Booster is a Pinterest app that promotes your pins. Board Booster moves your most popular pins to the top of the board so that they can be pinned even more. Board Booster will also clean up your pins and boards so that your content looks more streamlined and it provides a guideline on the best times to pin.

Taking the time to automate your small business social media allows you to stay active on your chosen platforms while still running your business.

*Just a note about scheduling for Instagram. Automated posting is against the Instagram Terms of Use. There is software out there that does automated posting for you, but you are likely to find your Instagram account shadowbanned. You might want to continue to manually post to your Instagram account for now.

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automate your small business social media


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