If your company is looking to establish itself as a trusted name in the industry, building brand awareness is crucial. The purpose of building brand awareness is to stay top-of-mind with your audience. This is crucial for building a business as you want your potential and current customers to think of you first when they need your type of services.


When starting out, it seems a daunting task to come up with ways to build brand awareness. This is just one more task to take on amidst all the other tasks you need to complete to get your company up and running.


In today’s post, we hope to remove some of that stress. We have compiled a list of tactics to help you get started in building your brand awareness.


building brand awareness


Building Brand Awareness

Go To Your Audience

If you have a specific local clientele, think about the places they most likely frequent. After you have a list, consider ways that you can insert your company into those locations. The goal is to be front and center in those locations so your target audience will have repeated exposure to your brand.


For example, say you are a real estate developer looking to bring brand awareness to your newest condo project. You know that your target demographic likes to visit the local speciality coffee shops. One way to build brand awareness with this group is include your branding with their morning Cup of Joe. This can be done by providing the coffee cup sleeves for the local coffee shops. You can customize these sleeves with your branding and so your audience will see your branding every time they take a sip. Not only will your target audience be exposed to your brand over and over, but those coffee drinkers also become walking billboards for your brand as their carry their coffee around with them.




Remarketing is a simple idea that can bring huge rewards. An online remarketing campaign works by showing targeted ads to users who have already visited their site.


This marketing technique builds brand awareness in two ways. The first is that it is advertising to a warm audience. They have already shown some interest in your company by visiting the website. Therefore it might take less effort to convert them into a customer. By exposing them to your branding on a regular basis, you can keep your company in the forefront of their minds.


The second way remarketing helps build brand awareness is that it makes your company appear more prolific that your advertising budget may allow. When you create a remarketing campaign, your ads will appear in multiple locations as your prospect navigates the internet. So, while you are not spending your advertising dollars to appear in these locations for everyone on the internet, to your prospects it seems that you are.



Sponsor events

Similar to the tactic of going to your audience, sponsoring events is another way to promote your company. Depending on your budget, you can sponsor large or small events. The key, however, is to stay top of mind for your target audience.


The key is to stay top of mind for your target audience. Click To Tweet


While having a large advertising budget allows you more flexibility in what you sponsor, you don’t have to despair if you have a small budget. It is possible to sponsor events on a smaller budget. One idea would be to supply t-shirts/uniforms for a kids sport’s team that includes your branding. You might also consider sponsoring a snack break at a corporate event if your target audience tends to frequent that type event.


The key again is to be in front of your audience as much as possible, so they think of you first when they need your type of services.



Refer a Friend

Another way to build brand awareness is to engage your already loyal customers and have them help promote your business. The easiest way to do this is to ask your customers to refer your company to their friends. In return for this referral, you will give them something in return.


May companies use this technique. Tangerine Bank, for example, offers its clients the ability to earn $50 for every friend or family member they refer and who opens a bank account. This technique works as it benefits both the company and the customer. The customer is rewarded monetarily for referring the company to their friends and family. The company benefits as it is introduced to a new pool of customers.



Final Thoughts

When it comes to building brand awareness, it’s important to think outside the box. You can use the tried and true techniques of guest posting and paid ads, but the more creative you can be in building brand awareness, the more it will stand out in the crowd.



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