Have You Chosen a Blog Name Yet?

It’s been nagging at you for a while. You’ve come up with a great idea for a blog and you are raring to go. You’re excited to start putting your thoughts out there, but there’s just one tiny issue holding you back. What’s your blog name?


Choosing a blog name can be challenging. You are excited to create a great site and want a name that will reflect what you do. A good blog name should be creative and interesting, but not limiting. It should reflect your blog’s style while being catchy and memorable. This can be a difficult task, but by spending some time at the beginning of your blogging career, you can create a blog name to be proud of.

A good blog name should be creative and interesting, but not limiting. Share on X


Here are our tips for choosing the right blog name.


Tip 1 – Determine your ideal reader

A successful blog should have an ideal reader in mind whenever new content is added. While this can evolve over time, your first step should be to determine who you are writing for.

Are you writing for a novice audience?


Are you writing for a food focused audience?


Are you writing for a new parent audience?


Answering this question not only guides your content, but it also helps you choose a blog name.


Catherine at Turner Proofreading suggests brainstorming terms and adjectives that relate to your niche and target audience. Once you have this list, get creative and combine the terms in different combinations to see if anything sparks an “ah-ha” moment for a blog name.


By using terminology that resonates with your ideal reader, you make it clear immediately that this is something they should check out.


Tip #2 – Don’t back yourself into a corner

During your brainstorm session, it’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind.


For example, say you love your hometown and want to dedicate your blog to events happening around town. To do this, you decide to name your blog after the town. Everything runs smoothly until one day you realize you want to write about what’s happening in the next town over as well. This then presents a problem. If your blog is named after town A, a reader might be confused as to why town B is being featured.


By considering the bigger picture, you can give yourself more flexibility for content creation. A blog name robust enough to allow for the blog’s evolution is a blog destined to last a long time. By exploring different paths your blog could take, you quickly learn that a generalized name allows you to expand your niche easier than a specific name.


choosing a blog name


Tip #3 – Make it memorable

When deciding on a blog name, you want to choose something that people will easily remember. You don’t want people referring to your blog as “that blog about food”. If that’s all your audience remembers about your site, chances of them finding you again are slim. However, if it’s unique and memorable, you audience will come back time and time again because they remember who you are.


A good example of a memorable name is the food blogging site “I Breathe, I’m Hungry”. This name packs a punch as it is short, funny and very memorable. The name is easy to recall and it lets readers know immediately that it’s about food.


Tip #4 – Don’t use your name

This tip may be controversial, but we do not recommend using your name as your blog name. Unless you are a well-known individual in your niche market, your name won’t make an impact with your audience.


The first problem with this naming convention is that it doesn’t tell your audience what the blog is about. Your blog could be about travel, cars or parenting. The reader won’t know until they start exploring.


The second problem with using your name as a blog name is in branding. By using your name, you are making yourself the core of the blog’s brand. For some, this is fine as they are content with having a small to medium sized audience. But what if your blog becomes very successful and you decide to sell it? By naming it after yourself, you have made it difficult to cut ties with the blog as its branding core revolves around you.


By naming your blog after something other than yourself, you are making it easy for your audience to remember your blog and its niche.


Final Thoughts

Choosing a name for your blog can seem daunting. However, by spending time at the beginning of your blogging career, you can choose a name that you will be proud of for years to come. Happy blogging!


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