When you want to promote your website, marketing is key. There are numerous marketing strategies available that promise to get you noticed and convert all leads into paying customers. But do these marketing strategies really work? The only way to tell is to measure your content marketing effectiveness.


People love to come up with new and creative ideas for marketing campaigns, but when it comes to crunching the numbers they tend to shy away. The thought of tracking all the data and then turning it into useful information is not everyone’s cup of tea.


But it really isn’t as difficult as it first seems. In today’s post we look at how to determine your content marketing effectiveness to see if your marketing strategy is working for you.


Why determining content marketing effectiveness is important

Determining your content marketing effectiveness should be a step in everyone’s marketing strategy. There are a lot of creative ideas out there that are all designed to increase your site traffic and revenues. But if no one is seeing them or it’s not resonating with your target audience, you need to know so you can change gears.


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This is why looking at your site metrics are so important But despite this, only 32% of people always check their site metrics. For such an important step, it seems that many people are not taking it.


It’s important to examine your content marketing effectiveness in order to determine if you are throwing good money after bad, or if you should stay the course because you have found the marketing sweet spot. Without knowing what the data says, you are flying in the dark.


How to measure content marketing effectiveness

Like with most things that you can track, tracking content marketing effectiveness can be as simple or as complicated as you like. There are many variables that can be tracked, but the key is to ask yourself if all that data helps you.


To answer this question, you need to back up a few steps. Go back to the very beginning, where the marketing campaign idea was first conceived. At this point, you need to figure out the goal of the campaign. Are you creating a campaign to increase website traffic? Are you looking to add more email subscribers to your list? Or are you looking to increase the number of first-time customers?


Once you know your goal, you can create content that will help you achieve it. Once the campaign has been launched, you can then look at your metrics to see if you accomplished your goal.


Common metrics used to analyze content marketing effectiveness

If you are not sure how to tell if your marketing strategy is working, here are some common metrics to help you decide.



Before you launch your new campaign, take note of how many subscribers you have. This will be your base line.


After you have launched your campaign, check back at set intervals to determine your progress. You may want to run the numbers on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.


When examining the data, make sure you consider both the number of new subscribers and the number of unsubscribes. If your final numbers are greater than your baseline, then your campaign is accomplishing its goal.



Proper Funneling

If your marketing strategy is to have a user complete certain steps, you can track a user’s actions with Google Analytics.


With this tool, you can determine if your marketing funnel is functioning properly. Perhaps your marketing plan was designed to promote your services and have the user either navigate to your pricing page or book a consultation. Your Google Analytics page can tell you if users are navigating to these pages.


If a large percentage of users are navigating to these pages, then your marketing plan is working. If they are not, or if they have high bounce rates then you have an issue. In identifying this issue, you can make modifications to see if you can improve the effectiveness of your campaign.



Increased presence on social media

Perhaps the goal of your marketing campaign is to increase the public’s awareness of your company. Social media is a great way to get people talking.


Depending on what platform you choose, you can use their internal analytics to see how many likes and shares your campaign receives. You can also use external sites, such as Buzzsumo to get a bigger overview of who is sharing your content. With this data, you can then make tweaks and changes to your marketing campaign to increase your marketing campaign effectiveness.



Final Thoughts

In order to measure your content marketing effectiveness, you need to know all the pertinent information. By collecting and analyzing the data available to you, you can catch any missteps in your marketing plan early. This helps to strengthen your marketing and helps you save money by not paying for ideas that won’t pan out.



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