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Many bloggers want to monetize their websites; after all, it’s not free to run a website and your time should be worth something. If you want to generate income from your blog, you may want to add a cornerstone blog post you can monetize.

cornerstone blog post to monetize

What is a Cornerstone Blog Post?

A cornerstone blog post is a post that’s directly tied to your blog’s mission and values. This post is considered a Massive Value Post (MVP), and it may contain just text, or videos, infographics, and links to relevant content.

Your cornerstone blog post should be very relatable to your website niche. For example, if your WordPress website is all about parenting twins, your cornerstone blog post should be directly tied to parenting or children.

Make your cornerstone blog post about the topics you consider your expertise.

How Many Cornerstone Blog Posts do You Need on Your Website?

The recommended number of cornerstone blog posts is up to four. You essentially want four posts that align with your company and what products or services you offer. These posts should be aligned with your company missions and some of your best products or services.

Cornerstone Blog Posts and SEO

Cornerstone blog posts are vital to your SEO strategy. As content strategy goes, these are the posts that reflect your blog’s most important mission and values. Include in your cornerstone blog post the following:

Longtail Keywords

Longtail keywords are the best way to land on the first couple pages of Google. As we said in this article on SEO, longtail keywords will potentially attract fewer readers, but the readers will be very interested in your topic.


The length of your cornerstone blog post is important. It should be at least 1500 words in order to rank well in search engines, but it can be as long as 5000 words. Don’t add words for the sake of making your post longer; add content that solves problems for your readers.


Your longtail keywords should be included in your headline. Add them to a couple of other headers if you can in order to improve your SEO.

How can you Monetize a Cornerstone Blog Post?

You can monetize your cornerstone blog posts by finding affiliate offers that tie into your blog’s mission and values. Let’s pretend you blog about email marketing. You write a cornerstone blog post titled “How to Write a Welcome Email Sequence”. Your favorite email service provider is ConvertKit, so you link your affiliate id into the post as naturally as possible.

It’s important to note that the affiliate offer should be directly tied to the cornerstone blog content and you want to mention the offer in a way that doesn’t scream “sales!”

When it comes to affiliate marketing and your blog, it’s tempting to sell anything and everything to your readers, but you are better off finding affiliate offers that align with your blog’s goals and values in order to retain your target audience.

Deliver Your Content via a Variety of Mediums

Most of us consider blogs to be simple text, but as a blogger, you can add podcasts, videos, or Facebook Lives to attract a more diversified audience. Add graphics that relate to the content, including infographics. Diversifying your medium allows you more sharing options for your blog, giving you another method of attracting your target audience.

A well-produced content piece on your blog can attract comments, social shares, and backlinks, all of which is fantastic news for your cornerstone blog post.

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