Have you created a brand identity for your company?

Marketing your company to potential customers can be just as important as having a great product or service. You may have the best wheelbarrow or wheel barrowing service in the world, but if the public doesn’t know about you, your company will never get off the ground. By creating a brand identity for your company, you are telling the world who you are and what you can offer.


What is a brand identity?

Brand identity is more than a fancy logo or a memorable slogan. Tony Robbins explains it best by saying that a brand identity is the manifestation of your company’s values, goals and mission. A company’s brand identity defines who they are and what they bring to the table.


A well-developed brand identity is like a two-way street. It guides the perceptions of the customer as well as provides direction to the company. This is important to point out as many believe it’s just about the company’s visual identity. They don’t realize that brand identity also impacts the types of interaction you have with clients and the tone of language used to interact with them.


Now, don’t get us wrong. Tangible items such as the company’s color scheme, font choices, logo and packaging choices are important aspects of a brand identity. It’s just important to keep in mind that they are not the only things to consider when you are developing your company’s identity.


Why is it important to develop a brand identity?

When a new company enters the market, they want to get noticed. The best way to do this is to stand out from the competition. Your company doesn’t want to be just another face in the crowd, they want to get noticed and have customers instantly bond with them.


Stephen Peate explains this importance by illustrating how a brand identity can impact a company. First off, it can enhance the credibility customers and clients feel about the company. By setting a tone that resonates with your ideal readers, the company’s first impression with the reader will be positive. From there, the well-researched content presented by the company will build credibility amongst its consumers.


Another way brand identity can impact a company is by increasing brand recognition. The greater your presence is in the marketplace, the more exposure your branding will receive. If you can infuse the company’s personality into the brand, the easier it will be for consumers to recognize the company.


A third way brand identity can impact a company is by defining the company’s uniqueness in the industry. By highlighting its unique features, your company can help further differentiate itself from the competition. Not only can it focus on how it is visually different, but how it operates differently from the competition.


How to Develop a Brand Identity

Before you rush out and start choosing color palates for your stationary, here are the steps to use to start developing your own brand identity.


1. Research and Brainstorm

A well-developed brand identity starts with good old-fashioned research. Start by researching what the competition is doing. Learn not only what they are doing right but also not doing so great. It’s also important to note the public perceptions of these companies and how they appear to treat their customers. This information will help you decide how to structure your own company.

A well-developed brand identity starts with good old-fashioned research. Share on X

Next, brainstorm what the focus of the company will be. How should the public perceive the company? Who are the company’s ideal clients? These answers, along with the answers above, will help guide the development of the company’s visual identity, communications and marketing strategy.


2. Choose a Logo

Once your company has a direction, it’s time to start building its visual identification. A logo can be a crucial element of that visual identity, so it’s important to choose something that represents the company’s vision.


Complex logos can be visually appealing but consider all the ways it could be used before choosing a design. Your logo may primarily be used on signs and in digital marketing, but that might not be the only places it will be used. By choosing a logo that is simple and scalable, you have flexibility in its placement. From pens to billboards, simple designs can be added to anything while still being immediately recognizable by the public.


3. Complete the Look

Next, it’s time to pick a color scheme. A proper color scheme can enhance the company’s brand identity while a poorly chosen scheme can drive potential consumers away. To learn more about using color psychology to further your brand, click here.


A company’s visual identity is composed of more than just its color scheme and logo design. Font choices, graphic choices and paragraph layout all play a role in the visual identity. For each choice, decide what best compliments the logo and what won’t become outdated in a year or two. Once all the elements have been added, the complete visual identity has been created.


Putting It All Together to Create a Brand Identity

Offering great products and services to your clients will keep you in business, but a well-crafted brand identity will make you memorable. By determining what you want to be known for, you have set the stage for how you will present it. From the tone used with customers to the visual identity, it all works together to keep you top of mind and recognizable to your audience.


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