Ok, so, these tools will help you in your discovery of the some of the best domain names for your next website, project, or endeavor. Do not let picking a domain name stop you from taking action on your idea. More people than you might think get hung  up on this step for weeks, months, or even years! Many will be trapped in this cyclical stage because they may think it must be perfect beforehand. These tools will help.

The same thinking happens (getting trapped in a cyclical stage that results in paralysis of analysis) when one needs/wants to learn absolutely everything about a particular subject before taking any action at all. This is a mistake! Listen, as entrepreneurs, we have spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on various educational seminars and courses (both online and offline) over nearly 15 years as of this post. As a guesstimate (others would  likely corroborate) 90-95% plus of people are ever-learning in the books of "how-to" material but are afraid to take action because they want to be sure they know everything first so they don't make a mistake.

Most people do very little with the vast knowledge they have just learned (whatever it may be) as far as putting it into action. The truth is to learn a reasonable amount about a subject you want to pursue and begin taking action upon it like crazy. Actually go ahead and make your mistakes; but get to your successes more efficiently too. Start and fail fast; but also learn exponential faster. Apply your knowledge as quickly as possible. Be a implementer! There is a epidemic of knowledge gatherers who are NON-implementors. Ask me how I might know this! 

Be a implementor! Here are some tools to pick your domain name & just get going now. Share on X

Grabbing your domain name can feel like having a large brick wall between you and next project that can hinder you from taking action. Don't let it. In most cases you can add another domain name later, rebrand, etc. Some strategies are to actually rebrand IF the idea really takes off too (as part of a component of certain business models). If you find yourself having a real hard time choosing a name, then just adopt the idea that it is a MVP (minimally viable product) domain along with the project itself. Plan to rebrand it later as it becomes successful so you can get started ASAP on your idea.

There are two main methods by which you may consider choosing your domain name:

  • Find a unique brand domain name that is easily recognizable once it is established and people will identify you as soon as they see it (i.e. google, yahoo, travago, yixly, etc). These are NOT keyword rich domain names at all of course. But, they are easily recognizable. This is a trend in domain name selection that you could consider.
  • Find a keyword rich domain name that is relevant to your core business and you could, eventually, be a positive for you when folks search (i.e. domains.com, luxuryhomes.com, christians.com, etc.)
  • You could try to find a hybrid between #1 and #2 as well.

*Whatever you choose be sure you like it and is somewhat catchy. Also, make sure it is not too long and hard to remember with a ton of syllables. This applies with any method. Also, we would advice against using dashes any other than numbers or letters.

We are sharing this with you to "tuck away" for current or  future use! We plan to add too this information as needed.

First, here is a short & old but applicable article (it discusses the importance of nouns, adjectives, and verbs in domain selection):

Domain Name Nouns Adjectives and Verbs

Also, never search for a domain name on sites that directly sell domains (yes, including yours). I repeat, "NEVER". The reason is that if you do not immediately purchase (and if what you search is good along with other variables the domain selling company may have), they could very well snatch it up themselves and make you pay a premium later! When you go back hours, days, or weeks later to checkout to make your purchase you may find it "taken" or "for sale" and a PREMIUM price!

Be a implementor! Here are some tools to pick your domain name & just get going now. Share on X

The domain seller or 3rd parties they work with that monitor domain search activities MAY take it before you. Why? Because a person searched (you) and if it is a good name (along with whatever other variables they use to make the decision). This has happened to me MANY times in the past; sometimes within minutes or hours as well.  I have tested it multiple times. It does not happen every time but does enough to warrant not to do it.

From my experience these are good places to do the initial research, searching, and poking around (they will not take your domain names as you search)! Plus, they have great search tools (I like and use the top one a lot). I usually do research first using one of the above methods while keeping in mind this article. Then, I research search volume, trends, and past registration history. When ready your ready to purchase, only then do the search with your domain seller to secure it immediately.

All of the below tools are good for any of the 3 methods described while keeping this article in mind:




What are you waiting for? Go ahead and be a implementor! Secure your domain with these tools and begin your next website or project today. 

We may add to the post from time to time . . .

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