The purpose behind all marketing strategies is to ensure that you are top of mind when a customer needs something. When someone needs a product or service, you want them to come to you exclusively to get it.


Now the question is, how do you keep your company top of mind? Unless you are a major corporation, you probably aren’t going to spring for large billboards or TV commercials to remind customers that you are out there. Instead, you need to reach your target market in their homes and offices on a regular basis so that your name becomes synonymous with whatever you are selling. Enter drip marketing campaigns.


drip marketing campaigns


What Are Drip Marketing Campaigns?

Joe Stych defines drip marketing campaigns well by saying they are automated sets of emails that go out based on specific timelines or user actions. This means that once a user does a specific task, it triggers a series of pre-written emails which will be sent to the user at pre-determined times.


What Is the Purpose of Drip Marketing Campaigns?

As the name implies, the purpose of this marketing tool is to slowly release, or “drip”, information to the user. You don’t want to bombard them with a flood of information all at once and then never contact them again. Not only will you turn the user off by giving them way too much information all at once, but you will also run the risk of being forgotten because you didn’t stay top-of-mind.


The purpose of a drip marketing campaign is to slowly release, or “drip”, information to the user. Click To Tweet


In this digital age, information is constantly swirling around. People quickly analyze the information to see if it solves an immediate problem, then forget it if it doesn’t. Without some sort of reminder, it is possible for someone to sign up for something, then forget they signed up one week later.


To combat this problem, drip marketing campaigns are used to relay bite-size pieces of information over a period of time. This not only makes the information easily digestible, but also provides regular reminders to the user that you still exist.


The other purpose of drip marketing campaigns is to move users through your marketing funnel. The emails can move a user from general awareness about the product or company all the way through to either becoming a first-time customer or a regular customer.



Are There Different Types of Drip Marketing Campaigns?

Drip marketing campaigns can be used for many marketing purposes. Offline drip marketing campaigns, for example, can be used to do direct mail or cold-call campaigns. However, for the purposes of this article we will stick to the email drip marketing campaign types.


While drip marketing campaigns can be used for almost any category of online marketing needs, here are the most common types.


Staying Top-Of-Mind

Top-of-mind drip marketing campaigns are used to make users think of you first when then need your type of product. They are meant to nurture leads and to reassure them that your product or service will solve their problem better than anyone else.


The Welcome Campaign

As mentioned earlier, it’s possible for someone to sign up for something and then forget about it a short-time later. To avoid this, a series of welcome emails remind the user what they signed up for and helps walk them through the different features you offer.


Abandoned Carts

One problem facing e-commerce businesses is having items placed in shopping carts and then abandoned. Someone is obviously interested in an item if they placed it in their cart, but some factor got in the way and it prevented them from completing the transaction.


A series of emails can be sent to that user with the purpose of removing that stumbling block. Reminder emails can help entice users to complete the transaction if they ran out of time during the first go-around. Later on, special pricing offers can help convert the user if price was the issue.


Educational Campaigns

Perhaps your company offers a service and the software has many features. An educational drip marketing campaign is a great tool to educate new clients. Each email can provide training on different segments of the program. These emails would help to fulfill the end-goal of making the client a self-sufficient software user.


Re-engagement Campaigns

In marketing, its easier to win back past clients than to try and find new ones. Past clients liked your product before and, with some encouragement, may like your company again. To re-engage this group, drip campaigns can be employed to bring your company back to top-of-mind.


Final Thoughts

Drip marketing campaigns are meant to make your life easier. By automating the process of staying in touch with your customers, you are guaranteed to give consistent service to everyone. You do not need to constantly monitor your site and send one-off messages to potential leads. Once a campaign is set up, you can rest assured that everyone is getting the same message and nothing important is left out.




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