Marketing is all about having something to say and then finding a way to get people to hear it. As time goes by we become more immersed in the digital era. This means that being able to digitally communicate with clients and customers can have a big impact on your company’s bottom line.


While social media plays a large role in digital communications, email continues to be a tried and true course of action. No longer do companies have to print their communications, spend money on mailing, and then wait for a week for their mail to be delivered. Instead, it is now possible to craft a message, send it to recipients, and have it read in a matter of hours.


With so many email campaigns now available, it’s understandable to see some types misused for their intended purposes. Case in point, email marketing campaigns and email newsletters. In today’s post, we will explore the differences between email marketing and email newsletters so you know which method to use.

email marketing and email newsletter



The Difference Between Email Marketing and Email Newsletters


What is Email Marketing?

The goal of email marketing is sales. More specifically, Heidi Thorne breaks it down by explaining that an email marketing message discusses the features and benefits of a product or service, advertises a price or provides a special offer to subscribers. The goal of the email marketing message is to make a sale or at the very least move a subscriber further into a marketing funnel.


Email marketing is most effective when it is paired with email list segmentation. This means that your list of email subscribers is divided into groups with similar characteristics. Examples of those characteristics could be demographics, geographical locations, or preferences.


Once the list is divided, you can then customize the content to make it as appealing to that specific group as possible. By personalizing the message, you increase your chances of making a sale.



What is an Email Newsletter?

The goal of an email newsletter is to provide information. This is where the difference between email marketing and email newsletters becomes clear.


The goal of an email newsletter is to provide information. Click To Tweet


As Robyn Kyberd explains, a newsletter should be used to inform and engage an audience and to establish yourself as an expert in this area. All of these functions work together to help build a relationship between your customers and the company.


An email newsletter should not be used to sell products. It should be used to deliver news and keep yourself top of mind in your customer’s mind. With continual exposure to a company, the company gains validity with the customer. This further enhance your company’s standing with your audience.



Which One Should You Use?

The answer is probably both. Because email marketing and email newsletters serve different functions, they can be used in tandem.


Email newsletters should be used to keep you top of mind. They should contain information that is of interest to the audience. This helps them to see you as valuable resource and the go-to expert.


Email marketing emails should be geared towards making a sale. Newsletters help customers develop confidence in the company, so when the email marketing arrives with incentives on completing the sale they are receptive to the offer. This can help drive sales and increase a company’s bottom line.



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