Time Management is Possible

Time is something everyone wants more of. The busier our lives become, the more we find ourselves wishing for just a little more time. Time with family, time to finish a project, time to spend travelling. While we can’t add more hours to a day, we can implement time management strategies to help make every minute count.


Blogging is a rewarding endeavor, but it’s not as easy as it first appears. From brainstorming new ideas, to copywriting, to social media promotion, it can take much longer than expected. Before you become derailed by not accomplishing your targets, it’s important to establish some time management strategies.


time management


Here are three essential time management strategies that can help get your business back on track.


1. Free Yourself From Distraction

Staying on task can be challenging, and constant distractions can make matters worse. I don’t know about you, but a bombardment of phone calls, emails, and people needing things makes it almost impossible for me to maintain a coherent train of thought. Therefore, our first recommended time management strategy is to free yourself from distraction.


Begin by finding a spot that is either free of distraction or a space you can make distraction free, even if only temporarily. For example, if you primarily work at the kitchen table, remove everything but your computer from the table. If you work in an office, clear the space around your computer. The goal is to remove all temptations from your immediate area, so your eyes aren’t likely to rest upon something that can wait until later.


Give yourself permission to unplug from the world Share on X


Next, learn to unplug. Start by giving yourself permission to unplug from the world for a half hour. Resist the urge to check emails or return phone calls during this time. Turn the TV off and shut your door. By removing these distractions you’ll find yourself getting more done in a solid half hour’s work than you sometimes can in a day littered with distraction. By allowing yourself this time, you can start building this time management habit without the guilt of putting other things off too long.



2. Time Blocking is a Game-Changer

I read an article a few years ago about the concept of time blocking. The writer talked about their lack of productivity during the day because they were constantly thinking about too many things at once. This lead to them not doing anything particularly well. One day they stumbled upon the concept of time blocking and haven’t looked back since.


Time blocking may seem rigid to some but if followed, you can potentially increase your productivity by 50%. In a nutshell, time blocking is assigning specific tasks to specific blocks of time during the day. This technique can be used for work purposes only, or to organize your entire day.


Often, bloggers become overwhelmed by taking on too many things without a plan of action. This can lead to blogger burnout and they give up blogging all together. The commitments of blogging clash with personal life commitments and other life commitments, making blogging a dreaded chore rather than a creative endeavor.


To create a time block, start with a section of time. This can be a few hours during the day, an entire day, or even a week. Next, set aside blocks of time within your time frame for specific tasks. For example, you can schedule blog research from 1-2pm, post writing from 2-5pm, and social media promotion from 5-6pm. During those blocks of time, you should only be engaged in the scheduled activity.


By following your time block schedule, you can focus on the task at hand. You know you have allotted time to work on all your projects for the day, so you can stop worrying about task 4 when you are still working on task 1.



3. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

There are countless articles out there that advise bloggers to publish articles constantly and to be on every social media platform. While this advice may work for them, it may not necessarily be the right time management strategy for you. If you are constantly stressed and are churning out sub-par work just to meet your targets, does it really make sense to continue?


As an alternative, start out smaller or learn to cut back. Choose a few things and do them really well. Instead of publishing posts a couple of times a week, cut that back to maybe once a week. It’s better to wow the socks off your reader with one extremely well-written post on a weekly or bi-weekly rotation than to turn them off with a constant stream of poorly written posts.


This also holds true for your social media engagement. While being on every platform may increase your exposure, it won’t account for much if you don’t have time to continue the conversation. If you can’t respond to comments and answer questions in a timely fashion, your audience is going to quickly move on. Therefore, pick one or two platforms to begin. Once you have a good rhythm established, you can always add more platforms along the way.



Final Thoughts

While blogging can be stressful at times, a proper time management strategy can put you on the right track. By keeping you focused and on task, you can efficiently produce well-written posts that you can be proud of. Happy blogging!


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