Create High Converting Headlines Without Stressing About It

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Picking a headline for your blog is arguably one of the most important aspects of your blog post. If you can’t write a clickable headline, there is little incentive for readers to continue into the content. Here are our favorite headline hacks so you can create interesting headlines that convert into readers.

headline hacks

Identify your audience

You need to know who you are writing for before you can craft your headline (or write the blog post). A blog written with a specific audience will attract your ideal followers.

Use SEO in the Title

Since search engines like seeing your topic in your headline, add it if possible. It’s tempting to be very creative and use puns or jokes in the title, but you are shooting yourself in the foot if you miss out on the important SEO keywords in the headline.

Keep it short

Punchy headlines of 7 words or less convert better. If you have more to say, use a longer subheader after the short headline to give context to your readers.

Use the 4Us of Copywriting

Agora, a copywriting giant, created this formula that caused their headlines to get way more traffic.


Create a sense of urgency, a reason to act NOW!


Show your readers that what you are promising is different from what everyone else is writing about.


What is the benefit for your readers?


Niching down will help you become ultra specific. For example, rather than writing about how to write an email for your subscribers, you can write how to create a welcome email sequence.

You should aim for 3 out of 4 of the 4Us if possible.

Use a strong action word

Strong action words are some of the best headline hacks since they speak to the reader with power. Words like this can make scanners convert into readers.

  • Discover
  • Blast
  • Create
  • Master
  • Outsmart
  • Crush

Consider shocking your readers

There’s nothing like changing up a reader’s stream of consciousness when it comes to headlines. You want to make them intrigued enough to click on your blog when they see it on Google, Pinterest, or social media.

Here are some headline hacks templates you use to create interesting headlines that will catch the eyes of your readers.

(Number) Secrets of (Topic)

  • 10 Secrets of Highly Productive People
  • 25 Secrets of Mom Bloggers

(Number) Ways to (get a highly desirable result)

  • 11 Ways to Master Photoshop
  • 44 Ways to Teach Your Toddler to Go to Bed Now!

(Number) Things you need to know about (your readers obstacle)

  • 8 Things You Need to Know About Lightroom
  • 15 Things You Need to Know About Time Management

(Action) (the skill you teach) in (time)

  • Learn ConvertKit in 3 short sessions
  • Create Graphics in Canva in 20 Minutes

(Verb) the Competition

  • Crush the Competition When You Follow These Blogging Tips
  • Outsmart the Competition With These 5 Conversion Ideas

(Shock Value)

  • Saving Money is a Waste of Time
  • Master the 4 Hour Work Week

How to (something they want to do) with a (big payout)

  • Learn Coding and Make a 6 Figure Income
  • Master Affiliate Income and Work Less for More Money

How (famous person) did (something amazing)

  • How Neil Patel Writes 5 Blog Posts a Week
  • How Kim Kardashian Grew a Media Empire

Ask a Question

  • Do You Make Any of These Photoshop Mistakes?
  • Is Your Website Outdated?

Don’t Let (something unwanted) (do something bad)

  • Don’t Let Bad Writing Ruin Your Blog
  • Don’t Let a Lack of Productivity Wreck Your Freelance Career
A Note of Caution

Don’t create headlines that are click bait. There’s little more annoying to readers than to expect one thing and find something completely different when they click on the headline.

Headline Hacks to Convert Readers

These headline hacks will create a more interesting start to your blog. Follow it up with writing that speaks directly to the reader, answering the questions they have.

The more you follow these headline hacks, the better your headline writing will become.


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