How Bloggers use Trello to Stay Organized, Efficient, and Productive

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Have you ever wondered how large blogs keep track of what articles have been assigned or what articles are due? In order to keep track of who is doing what and when many large bloggers use Trello to keep everything organized.

But smaller bloggers use Trello too. Trello keeps you organized, helps you create an editorial calendar,  and allows you to collaborate seamlessly with your team (if you have a team).

how  bloggers use trello

What is Trello?

Trello is a Content Management System (SMS) and collaboration tool that allows you to organize your projects into boards. Team members can all see all parts of a project and you can assign tasks to specific people. If you are a blogger, you can use Trello to schedule blog posts and move them through production type lines as you get posts written. You can also use Trello to schedule social media posts and then implement the posting either manually or using scheduling software.

How to use Trello

Trello uses boards, lists, and cards to keep things organized:


A board is a general location. It’s your big picture. If you have multiple blogs or multiple projects, each of them will have a separate board.


A list is just that, a list. You might have a list of blog posts for September or a list of interesting topics to explore; whatever you want to put on your list you can.


A card is what makes up a list. So for your September blog posts, you might have a separate card for each post you want to write. I liken Trello cards to sticky notes; they are basically your to do list. The drag and drop functionality makes it simple to move cards from one list to another.

How Bloggers use Trello

Create an Editorial Calendar

It’s no secret that creating an editorial calendar for your blog will keep you organized and seamlessly pumping out new posts. Trello takes your editorial calendar and takes it one step further. By creating a workflow in Trello, you will keep your work organized and completed on time.

Content travels along a production type line from left to right. As tasks get completed, they move to the next list, so you can see at a glance what tasks need completing.

Blog Posts

Most bloggers use Trello by creating a workflow. You will create lists that you then add your cards to as needed.

Your lists might be labelled something like:

  • Ideas
  • Checklists
  • Research
  • SEO
  • Topics
  • Ideas into Articles
  • Completed Articles
  • General Notes

So you start with ideas, and then once it’s time to write some posts you might create cards under each list of your specific topics. Create a separate card for each blog post, add a due date, and perhaps a checklist so you don’t forget anything.

With Trello, you can attach a Google Doc right inside the card so your post is always accessible.


You can create a checklist in Trello that will have every step needed for your blog post. For example, if I was writing this post, I might have a card that is called “How bloggers use Trello” and a due date of August 1st (which you can add within the card). My checklist might include:

  • Outline
  • Draft 1
  • Edit
  • Check Keywords
  • Post in WordPress
  • Edit in WordPress
  • Format
  • Add internal and external links
  • Create social media posts

Keep your Team on Task

If your blog is more than a solo project, you can assign tasks to team members. Keep track of their progress using cards and/or a checklist. You can assign specific tasks to certain people. If you have multiple people on your team, each with a specific task, you can assign them a list so they understand when it’s time for them to get started. For example, if you have an editor, you can assign them a list and when your writer is ready for editing, they simply move the article card under the editor list. It’s very simple once you are used to the framework.

Benefits of Using Trello

Since being introduced to Trello, it has become one of my favorite tools. The cards are like the sticky notes I used to have everywhere on my desk (and on the wall, and on my computer…). Here is why bloggers use Trello and love it!


Like sticky notes, Trello is very visual. You see the card and remember what you have to do.

Easy to Modify

You can delete, archive, or adapt any of the cards on your Trello board by simply right clicking it.


No more writing down an idea on your hand or the back of an envelope; with Trello you can download the app on your phone and write down any blog ideas as soon as you get them.

Easy to Maintain

There’s no maintenance required in Trello unless you archive completed posts.

Are you a blogger who has used Trello? Leave a comment to share your feedback, tips, or tricks on this collaboration tool.



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