Are You Ready To Craft a Great Pitch?

Things are going great. You’ve been blogging consistently for a while now and thoughts of taking your blog to the next level have started to pop up. You are interested in expanding both your network and audience, so you have decided to find a company to partner with. Now, you might be wondering how these partnerships start in the first place. The answer…..a great pitch.

Crafting a great pitch


Doing the Leg Work

Crafting a great pitch is important, but there are several benchmarks that you need to hit first before you are ready to pitch to another company.


Craft Great Content

The first benchmark to hit is to have great content on your own site. By producing quality work that readers find useful, you are demonstrating to potential partners that you bring value. For tips on writing great content, check out our post here.


Expand your Social Network Influence

When first starting out, it can be hard to get your name out there. With niches flooded with great content, it may be hard to increase your audience with great content alone. So instead of waiting for readers to find you, you need to find them and engage with them. Social media allows you to do this.


Social media platforms can help you find fellow bloggers as well as people who have questions you can answer. By engaging with both groups, you increase your social network influence and reputation. Both of which can help your pitch stand out. To learn more about increasing your social network, click here.



Preparing for the Pitch

Once you have a solid foundation of content and influence, it’s time to start thinking about potential partners.


It’s easy to think about who you want to partner with, but it’s just as important to consider the partnership from the other side of the table. You know why you want to work with someone, but why would that someone want to work with you?


You know why you want to work with someone, but why would that someone want to work with you? Share on X


To answer that question, Pauline Cabrera outlines a great list of criteria companies consider before deciding to partner with someone.

1. Quality of Content
2. Relevance of the Company
3. Personality of the Blogger
4. Comments and Engagement
5. Traffic/Followers

If you can align your offer to the criteria that companies look for, you have a better chance of having your pitch accepted.



Creating the Pitch

Now that you know what criteria companies use to decide if they should proceed with a partnership or not, it’s time to put together your offer. Here are some tips to help guide your pitch.


Short, sweet and to the point

Time is a precious commodity and in business it seems that people never have enough of it. Therefore, don’t squander your potential partner’s time by drafting an essay proposal. You can be certain that no one is going to read everything you wrote. At best, they may skim the whole proposal, and at worst they will read the first line or two before moving on.


When you are ready to draft your pitch, keep it short and sweet. Wow your reader with the big picture and save the smaller details for a later discussion. You want the reader to buy into your pitch idea and want to contact you to discuss it further. This is how you will stand out from the crowd and get your pitch noticed.


Let Them See the Real You

A partnership proposal doesn’t have to be all business. Consider your audience and allow your personality to shine through. Suppose you are pitching an idea to a trendy, out-of-the-box thinking group. If you have a creative, fun-loving personality allowing these elements to shine through your pitch can help you stand out from the crowd.


One Size Does Not Fit All

One of the pitfalls of crafting a single pitch to be used on multiple parties is that the message becomes generic. Generic spells disaster for pitches, so avoid being generic at all costs. Instead, do some research and tailor your pitch to suit each company. By aligning your pitch to their corporate personality, you demonstrate how well a partnership between you would work.


Don’t Make Them Work For it

If your pitch includes references to past work, include samples with your pitch. This can include a link to another site or actual copies of your work alongside the pitch. By making it easy for the reader to find the extra information, you increase your chances of having the reader actually look at that material.



It’s All About the Follow Through

After your pitch has been crafted and sent out, it’s important not to forget about the follow through. Be ready to respond to questions and respond promptly. By showing that you are diligent in your follow through, you are showing that you are a reliable partner.



Final Thoughts

Forming partnerships with companies can be a great move for your blogging career. A great partnership can not only increase your exposure but also help drive traffic to your site. By taking the time to craft a well-thought out pitch personalized for each company you approach, you have a great chance for success. Happy blogging!


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