In our last post, we pointed out why a strong corporate culture is important for your company’s continued success. This week, we dive in and explore some tactics you can use to improve your corporate culture.


The Importance of Corporate Culture

Corporate culture, or lack thereof, often correlates to employee satisfaction and talent retention. When staff feel connected to their company, they have a vested interest in seeing it succeed. If they feel strongly about the company’s vision and values, they will do their part to ensure those ideas flourish.


When a company is comprised of passionate staff focused on advancing the values of a company, quality work is the result. Employees feel pride in who they work for and want to produce quality work to keep their company’s reputation intact.

When a company is comprised of passionate staff focused on advancing the values of a company, quality work is the result Click To Tweet


From cutting-edge tech sectors to compliance-driven regulators, each industry has its own set of values. Whether it be to foster new and innovative ideas for the tech sector or to foster an attitude of workplace safety, each company will have its own unique culture.


While the make-up of each culture is different, it is its strength that will dictate how well your company performs. It doesn’t matter what your culture is comprised of, if you have staff buy-in, your company has the potential to be an industry leader.


Tips for Improving Your Corporate Culture

Developing a strong corporate culture means being mindful of your employees’ and customers’ perceptions. Establishing positive perception means implementing corporate strategies that include and engage all stakeholders. Therefore, to help you improve your corporate culture, we’ve compiled some of the top strategies to help you get started.


Tactic #1 – Transparency

To achieve a cohesive work environment, transparency is key. Sharing successes and failures keeps everyone on the same page. There are few things more divisive than company secrets about the day to day operations. Lack of transparency often makes employees feel that they aren’t trusted. These feeling lead to lack of engagement and interest. To counteract those feelings, include and update all staff regularly.


Tactic #2 – Encourage Employee Interaction

corporate culture


When coworkers feel connected to one another, effective communication increases. To foster these connections, encouraging staff interactions are crucial. From informal potlucks to large scale group vacations, each event encourages staff to get to know each other outside the scope of their jobs. This allows them to feel a greater connection to each other and to the company. The result, a more cohesive work environment for everyone.


Tactic #3 – Establish Mechanisms to Allow for Employee Feedback

Employees who feel encouraged to speak up and voice their opinions tend to have more company loyalty than those who feel that their opinions do not matter. When employees feel they can suggest improvements to the day to day operations of the company, their feelings of engagement increase.

employee feedback


Employee feedback is a great way to see your company from a different perspective. You may think everything is running smoothly, but the true test is to see if those doing the day to day jobs agree. A company is only as strong as the people it has working for it, and if they believe there are corporate flaws, its only a matter of time before those problems start affecting your bottom line.


To find out how employees feel about the company, you can implement both formal and informal feedback processes. Focus groups, employee surveys and interviews are all strategies you can employ to see how others feel. If those methods seem too formal, an informal method is to encourage management to interact more with those they supervise. If managers are perceived as being approachable, its likely that they will get real feedback from employees.


Tactic #4 – Challenging the Status Quo

In life, some of the biggest rewards happen after taking a risk. If you want your company to be relevant and strong, you need to take a risk and challenge the status quo from time to time. Just because a set of procedures worked 10 years ago, doesn’t mean that it’s the best strategy today.


By encouraging staff to challenge the way things have been done allows companies to strengthen their strategies. Differing opinions allow you to reexamine how things are done with a new lens. Sometimes these challenges reinforce your decisions to run the company in a specific way, and other times new suggestions lead to the adoption of more productive and cost-effective methods.


Final Thoughts

Establishing a corporate culture starts at the top. If you want a well-run company comprised of talented, hard-working staff, make the development of a strong corporate culture a priority. A corporate culture can be developed for any industry. From the small mom-and-pop corner store to the multi-national corporation, each company has the potential to have an engaged and loyal workforce. All because they believe in their corporate culture.



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