Email marketing is a tried and true method used by business to connect with the clients and customers. It’s a way to speak directly to a group that has shown an interest in them. But what happens when that email deliverability is compromised, and you get email bounce back?


For your email marketing campaign to succeed, you need your emails to reach their intended destination.  In today’s post, we look at why an email would bounce, and steps you can take to reduce email bounce back.


email deliverability



Factors Affecting Your Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is the term used to describe the number of emails delivered to a recipient without bouncing or being marked as spam. A low deliverability rate means few emails are making it to the inbox. This is not the situation you want to be in.


Multiple factors play a role in determining the email deliverability rate. Here are some of the most common reasons why an email will bounce or become spam.


Email Content

Email servers are becoming more sophisticated and have learned how to scan the content of emails. If the language used in the email appears too salesy, the more stringent email servers will treat the email as spam.


Wrong Address

When you put the wrong address on an envelope, it does not reach its intended destination. The same is true for email. If you type in the wrong address or misspell a word, your email will bounce. Even having something as innocuous as an extra space in the address can result in an email not going through.



Sometimes the formatting of an email can play havoc on email deliverability. Text in all caps, a large amount of graphics, or hyperlinks can signal to a paranoid email server that spam is on its way. If you use one or all these formats in your emails, you can expect to find many of your emails in the spam folder.


Inbox Full

One factor completely out of your control is the size of your recipient’s inbox. Your email might be very well crafted but if your recipient has a full inbox, your email isn’t making it through.


Blocked Emails

Blocked emails can either result from the internet service provider (ISP) not delivering your email because it classifies it as spam, or the recipient has manually blocked your emails. In either case, your emails will not make it through to the inbox.



The Bounce Back Message

When an email is not permitted to go through, it bounces back to the sender. When this happens, a bounce back message is sent explaining why. This message is very important to your email marketing campaign’s success.


The bounce back message is very important to your email marketing campaign’s success. Share on X


The bounce back message is generated either by your email server or the recipient’s server. Generating a message is standard across the board, but the text of the messages can vary. Despite the differences in wording, the message should provide some reason why the email did not go through. By learning why a message did not go through, solutions can be figured out to help it go through the next time.



How to Improve Email Deliverability

Now that you know why your email did not go through, here are some tips to ensure your next mailing goes smoother.


Double Opt-In

We’ve all experienced this. You sign up for something and the website asks you to check your email and click on a link to confirm your email address. This is a double opt-in.


The double opt-in ensures that the email address provided on the sign-up form is real and monitored. This helps to eliminate the problem of email addresses typed incorrectly.


Graphically – Less Is More

Graphics can be a burden and a blessing. A picture can say a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean 3 pictures equals three thousand words.


Overloading an email with graphics not only slows the load time of your email, but it also detracts from the key messaging. Therefore, limit yourself to only one image per email.


You should also remember that not all email providers display graphics. In many cases, emails will show text only and then ask the recipient if they want to show the graphics. So, if you are using graphics, ensure that they support the message but are not the whole message. If the graphic doesn’t appear, you still want the ideas to get through.



Final Thoughts

Email marketing is a great tool as it allows direct access to a target audience. Ensuring that your audience receives the messaging is crucial for the success of the email campaign. If you are having issues with email deliverability, try to determine the root cause and then develop a plan on correcting the issues.




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