In our last post, we took a look at the concept of an online marketing funnel and how its application could improve your conversion rates. But what if you already have a marketing funnel but it isn’t meeting your performance standards? What do you do then?


While an under-performing online marketing funnel is problematic, it does not have to mean the end of your marketing plan. In today’s post, we look at different strategies you can implement at each phase of your marketing funnel to turn your under-performer into a superstar.


online marketing funnel


What Are The 3 Phases of An Online Marketing Funnel?

If you do a search online for the term “marketing funnel” or “sales funnel”, your results will come back with many variations for the same concept. Some funnels will have three or four steps, while some can have six or more.


Despite these variations, there is a common structure. Each funnel begins with a lead generation phase, this then progresses to a lead nurturing phase, and then ends with a sales or conversion phase.


Each of these phases can have multiple steps within and the number of steps is dependent on how detailed you want to get with your analysis. For the purposes of this article, we will offer tips at the higher phase level. These tips can then be integrated into whatever step best suits your marketing strategy.



Tips to Improve Your Lead Generation Phase


Consistent Branding

In the lead generation phase, the goal is to gain brand awareness. To accomplish this, you should cast a wide advertising net to attract as many possible leads as you can. This will mean advertising on various platforms and using various media to convey your message.


While diversifying where and how you advertise is great, the key is to ensure all your branding and messaging are consistent. Use the same logo and keep to the same color schemes. If you have a tag line, make sure to include that somewhere in your ad.


Ensure all your branding and messaging are consistent across all advertising platforms Click To Tweet


Karen Taylor sums up the reasoning behind this nicely by saying that consistent branding improves audience recall and reinforces your messaging. As a result, this will drive more relevant prospects into your online marketing funnel.



Facebook Ads

While lead generation is about trying to attract as many people as you can to your business, this doesn’t negate also direct marketing to your target audience. If you know that your target audience is between the ages of 30 – 40, has kids, and is interested in surfing, then there is no reason why you can’t create ads targeted to this specific group. These targeted ads can run in tandem with your other lead generation ads.


This is where Facebook comes in. This platform allows you to segment your potential audience so that only people who meet your specific demographics will see your ad. This allows you to use messaging that would resonate with this specific group and not have to worry about alienating your wider audience.



Tips to Improve Your Lead Nurturing Phase


Have Strong Call-To-Action buttons

Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons can be the tipping point some people need in order to make a decision. Careful phrasing can help entice someone to move on the next step of your conversion process.


The lead nurturing phase of your online marketing funnel means that your prospect has gained awareness and is interested in learning more about you, so they can decide whether or not to become your customer. This means that they will explore your site to learn more about what you have to offer.


Because of this, you need to review each page of your site to ensure there is a clear CTA button on each page. You never know what information will convince them to become your customer, so you want to make sure you direct them down the right path once they are ready.



Targeted Messaging

Another way to improve the lead nurturing phase of your online marketing funnel is to implement targeted messaging. Each time a prospect takes an action and moves themselves further down your online marketing funnel, you can change the messaging to reflect the new level of your relationship.


For example, the initial information on your site might be quite generic so that it appeals to a larger audience. As a prospect takes action and moves down the funnel, your messaging can get more specific about the products or services you offer. Your prospect has shown interest, so you can reward this by giving them more information. By providing more information, the prospect learns that you are a knowledgeable source on the subject and they can trust you.



Tip to Improve Your Sales/Conversion Phase


Offer a free trial

One way to gain a prospect’s trust is to give them something for free. Depending on the nature of the product or service you are offering, a free trial period is a great incentive.


While some people like to jump off the deep-end and see how things turn out, there are others that like to take things slower. This second group is more cautious and will need to be gently convinced that you have the solution to one of their problems.


A tried and true method to convince them of that is to offer a free trial period. You can allow the prospect to try your product or service for a limited time period for free. At the end of that time frame, they would be automatically converted into a customer unless they stated otherwise before the end of the trial. This method helps to alleviate the prospect’s fears about becoming your customer.



Final Thoughts

An online marketing funnel is a crucial element for your business’s success. By working to improve each step and phase of your funnel, you can increase your conversion rate and thereby improve your bottom line.




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