Increase the number of subscribers on  your list by offering a freebie

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When you are a business, blogger, or freelancer, your email list is the gateway to your audience. SEO is a great way to gain new readers, but they don’t always come back unless you continuously write articles they are interested in (and are searching for on a search engine).

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You can build your email list several ways

If your audience is interested in hearing what you say, you can simply ask them to subscribe to your list. This is the least effective way to grow your email list because unless you are a celebrity, it’s unlikely that anyone other than friends and family will purposely get more emails sent to their inbox.

One of the most effective ways to grow your email list is to ethically bribe people, which sounds a bit unethical, but you are offering something in return for someone’s email address and permission to email them. Called an opt-in or lead magnet, a freebie can create a lot of excitement for your website. It's important to target your ideal reader before trying to build your email list and target your lead magnet to those people as you will get better conversions this way.

The best high converting freebies are:


These are usually either a series of emails sent over a set number of days or an online course that they can access through a specific link. You share information that is not that easy to find elsewhere, or you present it in a different way. An example of a course is "10 days to increase your online presence" - you drip the materials to the subscriber over 10 days.


These can be anything, from a single page to an entire e-book. You create a PDF and attach it to an email that gets sent as soon as they become a subscriber.

Admission into a resource library

For those who have tons of information to share, a resource library is a great option. You give your subscribers a link to a page that’s not available except with a special link.

Free membership into a member’s only Facebook page

Facebook is a mecca for networking, and if you have a group of engaged followers you might have something that people want. Make sure it’s worth joining by being engaging, interesting, and informative with your followers, and then share high-value tips on niche specific topics. 


A lot of craft or mom blogs share printables. You can create printables for anything that people might print off, like kids schedules, calendars, or craft ideas. 

Stock photos 

Stock photos a great idea for anyone with a photography business. You can share some of your photos that you know people might enjoy, while still holding onto the rights for some of the others that people might be willing to pay for. Many people search for stock photos on a regular basis, so you can get great repeat visitors this way.

Discounts on services

Great for brick and mortar businesses, discounts are a way for business owners to gain clients and have them return later if they love the service. It's beneficial for new businesses but also for established ones that want to increase their subscriber list. 


Giveaways or contests not only increase your email list, but they also create a lot of interest and excitement - great for bloggers who want to increase their subscriber list. 

Promote your freebie

Once you create your ethical freebie, your work isn't done. You have to let people know that you have this awesome freebie and you are open for business.

If you are a blogger, write an entire blog post on something that your freebie will solve. For example, if your freebie is a course on how to get more pageviews on Pinterest, your blog post could be on how to create great Pinterest graphics. Then you can embed your offer within the post because you know that this is likely a topic that people are already interested in - they are a warm audience for your course. Make sure you use keywords in your post so that you also get search engine traffic.

Share, share, share

Once your post is done, share it like crazy. Pin it on Pinterest, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media that you use. If you are looking for some social media plugins, here are some great ones. Provided you picked a good offer, you should start getting more subscribers within a short period of time.

Don’t forget!

One word of caution: you need to make sure that you write great content. The best offer in the world won’t be enough to keep your readers entertained if you don’t write articles that inform and/or entertain them. As we said with SEO, write first for your audience, and worry about subscribers and search engines next. Always work to solve problems or keep your audience entertained.

What are your best tips to increase your email list? Share it in the comments.


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