What Inexpensive Tools are You Using to Market Your Blog

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Blogging is more work than many of us realize. You not only have to write the post, but you also have to find readers to read it. Here are some of our favorite inexpensive tools to help market your blog. Everything below is under $30/month - and many of them are free!

free or inexpensive tools to market your blog

Social Media Sharing Tools

If you aren’t sharing your posts on social media, you may be missing out on a lot of traffic. There are a number of social media sharing tools that are either free or inexpensive and most of them work on the premise of curating content to share at a later time.There are a lot of inexpensive tools to help you share your blog posts, just check the features to ensure you are using the one that's right for you. 


Buffer is a social media sharing tool for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There is a free level, in which you can schedule up to 10 posts on each platform. Buffer not only allows you to schedule as many posts as you want, it also gives you analytics for each post, giving you the reach and number of clicks or shares.


Tailwind is software to Pinterest. Since many blogs find much of their traffic from Pinterest, it’s worth mentioning this program that allows you unlimited scheduled pins at the professional level. Tailwind


HootSuite is a social media sharing tool for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The free level allows you to share to all three platforms. HootSuite also has a fantastic library of resources for social media training - and it’s free!

Social Oomph

With a free plan, Social Oomph is a great option for those who are scheduling posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Facebook publisher

Did you know Facebook has a post scheduling feature for pages and groups? It’s not available for personal pages but if you have a group or business page, you can schedule your posts well in advance - and it’s free.

Email Marketing

Emailing subscriber is a great way to market your blog! If your blog marketing doesn’t include email marketing, you may be missing out on higher affiliate sales and page views. A great email marketing campaign may include a welcome email sequence, newsletters, and periodic special offers.


MailChimp is a free email service provider if you have under 1000 subscribers. It includes automations at the free level. Just be warned, Mailchimp doesn’t allow affiliate links in their emails so if that’s part of your marketing plan, you may want to find a different email service provider.


Mailerlite is also a free email service provider with automations. It’s free as long as you have under 1000 subscribers. Mailerlite is a good option for those with a limited budget.


ConvertKit isn’t free - plans start at $29/month. But it’s probably one of the best email service providers for automations, list building, and integration with other software.

Other Inexpensive Tools to Help Market Your Blog

Since we know images help attract and retain readers, there are various tools to help you create and find graphics and images for your blog.


Canva is a simple graphics creation software that has both a paid and free plan. Canva has ready-made templates for every platform so you always get the sizing right. Canva also has inexpensive stock photos ($1!).

Free Stock Photos

We wrote about our favorite places to find free stock photos here. Locating the perfect photos can be as simple as searching a free stock photo site. Just make sure you are checking that the images you use are attrition free, meaning you don’t have to say who the photographer was. Also, ensure you don’t find images on Google and use them as that is illegal and can result in fines and expensive charges.

What free or inexpensive tools are you using to market your blog?

There are many free or inexpensive tools that can help you organize, share, and market your blog. Some are worth paying for and others you can easily use the free version. What are your favorites? 


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