If used correctly, landing pages are important marketing tools for businesses as they help convert website visitors into contacts or sales.

Landing pages are important marketing tools for businesses as they help convert website visitors into contacts or sales. Click To Tweet


At its core, landing pages are webpages designed to convert online visits into leads. Each landing page is designed to have a specific marketing focus and one Call to Action for the visitor to do. In general, most landing pages ask the visitor to fill out an online form in exchange for an offer from the business. To learn more about landing pages, check out our link here.


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Common Landing Page Flaws

While landing pages can increase the number of leads a business gets, poorly designed ones can quickly chase away visitors. To help navigate the world of landing page flaws, we have put together a list of common landing page flaws and fixes for you to try today.


Landing Page Flaw #1 – Too Long to Load

In our ever-increasing digital society, people want information and they want it now. If that information lives on a webpage, they expect it to load quickly so they can find the answer. If the site can’t perform as expected, visitors have no issues moving on to a different site that gets them the information faster.


While quantifying how page load times effect the rate of people leaving websites (otherwise known as a bounce rate), one study found some interesting results. They found that webpages that took 3 seconds to load had an average bounce rate of 13%. What’s interesting is what happens when a page takes an additional 4 seconds to load. The study found that webpages taking 7 seconds to load had their bounce rate increase to 32%. This means that if your site is slow to load, you can lose a third of your audience before they even have a chance to see your site. Can your business afford to lose this much traffic?


The Fix – To have your landing page load faster, get rid of all the fluff. Get rid of all the embedded videos that auto play, get rid of the images with massive file sizes, and get rid of all the wordy text. A landing page should be free of clutter, succinct, and eye-catching without being distracting. It’s also a good idea to test how your page loads across different devices. Make sure the page loads quickly on desktop and mobile devices alike.



Landing Page Flaw #2 – Requiring Too Much Information

In a way, a landing page is like a first date. In dating – you meet someone and you agree to go on a date to learn more about each other. If everything goes smoothly and you like what you have learned, you will make plans to see each other again. If, on the other hand, the other person starts the date by asking very personal questions like your salary or your medical history, you are probably going to be looking for an immediate exit.


The same is true for a landing page. You see an ad that piques your interest and you click on it to learn more. The landing page you arrive on is clean, attention-grabbing, and well presented. You click on the Call to Action button and when asked for a simple email address, you hand it over willingly in order to get the offer. On the other-hand, if you are asked for your full name, address, phone number and email address, you decide the offer isn’t worth giving up that much personal information and you leave.


The Fix – To combat this problem, tailor your online form to ask for the minimum amount of information you need. Don’t be greedy in trying to obtain information on the visitor. Asking for too much may result in you getting nothing instead. For example, if you are offering a digital download, you don’t need to know the reader’s mailing address. By not requiring the reader’s full life history, you make it easier on the visitor to complete your Call to Action request. This is great as it furthers your chances of converting that reader into a lead.



Landing Page Flaw #3 – Call to Action is Unclear

The job of a landing page is to present a clear offer to the reader and have one Call to Action that follows up on the offer. If you muddy the waters by asking the visitor to do too many things, they will get confused and not do anything instead.


While this logic seems simple, it’s common to see sites do the contrary. They may have a button that says “Click here to download our latest offer”, a button for readers to sign-up to receive a newsletter, and a button for members to log into the member’s portal. While none of the actions seem onerous, there are still too many options for readers to choose. When presented with multiple offers, the reader choses to do nothing instead and moves on.


The Fix – Prominently display the Call to Action button at the top of the page. Ensure there is only one message on the page and that it uses clear language the reader can understand. The easier you make the action for the reader, the more likely it is that they will complete the action.



Final Thoughts

When working well, landing pages can help your business grow its contacts and sales. If your business has too many landing page flaws, such as slow load times, unclear Calls to Action, or requiring unnecessary information from the visitor, your conversion rates will suffer. By making the simple changes discussed here, you can increase the effectiveness of your landing pages.




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