Yes, you can make money on your blog!

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Making money from blogging is a dream for many bloggers. Yet most don’t make a dime. It’s not because they lack a great website; often they don’t know how it’s possible to make money on your blog.

But there is hope. With a plan and some targeted posting, you can make money on your blog.

make money on your blog

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales happen when a blogger uses their blog to promote a company’s products. Essentially, you are selling the product to your readers.

Some of the most popular blog posts for affiliate sales include how to guides - for example, how to use start a blog. You then include your affiliate link in the post

You can also write a roundup post on different products. You give your opinion on the products, along with a link to the page where your readers can buy the product - and support your business at the same time. An example of a roundup post is 10 Best Planners for 2017.

Amazon is one of the most popular websites for affiliate sales. You simply apply and if accepted, you can promote any product that Amazon sells on its website. People make hundreds or thousands of dollars by simply promoting Amazon products. It’s brilliant marketing on Amazon’s part.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts occur when you write a post extolling the virtues of a product or company. The post is usually within the niche you are in, and it shouldn’t noticeably be an advertisement. Any time you see a blog talking about one specific product or company, you can assume that it’s a sponsored post.


You can place advertisements on your blog, either by sourcing and placing the ads yourself or by contacting a company such as Google to place the ads for you.

When you place the ads yourself, you can ensure that you only promote the products and services that align with your blog values. It’s more work but may pay off better in the long run.

Google Ads are a simple way to make money on your blog. Once you are accepted into the program, Google places ads on your blog. You can choose to have the ads along the bottom, or inside the middle of your posts. Other than choosing not to promote items that should only be seen by those 18+, you don’t really have many options with Google Ads, so take that into consideration.

Create your own products

If you are able to create your own products or courses, this is a great way to make money on your blog. Many bloggers create products such as how to become a freelance writer, how to earn money from affiliate sales, or how to become a digital marketer, and they launch them from their blog.

Offer your services

Chances are, if you are writing a blog, you have skills that are valuable to other entrepreneurs. You can start a digital marketing, freelance writing, or virtual assistant business and take your blog from money sucking to money making.

It’s all about the value

The number one most important thing to remember when you think about monetizing your blog is adding value to your readers. Make sure you only promote items and companies that you actually use. You will lose credibility if you take any sponsorship opportunity that comes along, and along with it, you will lose readers.

So, do you have some ideas about how to make money on your blog? Share your ideas in the comments or let us know what is working for you.

make money on your blog

One thing to note

One thing to note: in many countries, it’s the law to disclose that you are making money on that particular post, so check the laws where you are.If in doubt, disclose your relationship to the product or organization.  


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