Recently, we did a Google search for the word “WordPress”. It returned 2,340,000,000 results. That’s staggering!


Now, we know that not every one of those results will be relevant. But what if you assume that 0.01% of those were relevant? That means that there are still over 200,000 websites that are related to the term “WordPress”.


If you are operating a website that offers WordPress services, your site will be one of at least 200,000 others that are competing for exposure. If you want to succeed in this market, you need to make your website stand out from the crowd. You also need to ensure that it’s interesting to visitors when they arrive or else your bounce rate will skyrocket.


But how do you go about this? In today’s post we provide some tips on how you can make your website stand out, get noticed and keep visitors coming back for more.


help make your website stand out


Make Your Website Stand Out – Tips and Tricks

Tip #1 – Have a Powerful Layout

A website is a virtual representation of your company. You wouldn’t be wowed if you walked into an office with four white walls, a non-descript desk, and a monotone-speaking employee who provided little information. Conversely, website visitors won’t be wowed if they came to a bland website that provided generalized stock content on a plain background.


A dynamic layout catches a visitor’s eye and entices them to explore your site. This is a good thing because the longer you can keep someone on your site, the more time to you have to convert them into a potential client.


A dynamic layout catches a visitor’s eye and entices them to explore your site. Click To Tweet


When choosing a layout, keep your branding top of mind. If you have adopted a particular color scheme for your business, make sure your website does too. Also, keep your business theme consistent. If you are a boutique firm that offers elite executive services to clients, you don’t want your website to use large graffiti text with bold racy language. The two themes will clash and visitors will be confused about what type of clientele you are catering to.


Other design features you want to avoid include the overuse of Flash animation, a plethora of pop-ups, and auto-play videos that bog down your site. Visitors want to have a great experience landing on your site and exploring all the products and services you offer. They don’t want to be accosted at the virtual doorway of your site with sales pitches and pop-up offers when they don’t even know who you are yet.



Tip #2 – Be Seen As A Resource

If you want to keep visitors coming back over and over, you need to give them a compelling reason to do so. The best way to do this is to be seen as an invaluable resource.


Blogs are a great way to provide this information. But it’s important to realize that many websites already have blogs. So how can you make yours stand out? Remember that content is king.


Some blogs only contain posts that are half a page long and don’t provide much insight into a topic. Or worse, they are only used to advertise their own products and services. These types of blogs will not help you to be seen as a go-to resource.


Instead, try creating in-depth guides on topics of interest to your target market. Expand your repertoire and provide useful information to visitors that goes beyond only discussing what your company can do for them.


If you want to truly stand out, try adopting a unique writing style. You don’t want anything brash, but you will be memorable if you can present the information in a fresh and entertaining way.


Remember, you want visitors to think of your site first when they need more information. Therefore, focus on providing content that is needed and wanted.



Tip #3 – Keep SEO in mind

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to make your website stand out. As points out, you can have a beautifully designed website with an amazing UI, but it means nothing if you haven’t created authentic content with proper keyword tagging.


Bots scan webpages to determine where they should fall on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and if they don’t find content that is keyword optimised or original, you can bet that your site won’t get noticed the way you want.



Tip #4 – Promote Yourself

We all remember the line.


“If you build it, they will come”.


Well, that’s only partly true. They will come if they know you exist. And if you are competing in a packed market, you need to go to your audience just as much as they need to come to you. And the way to do this is by promoting yourself.


This is where social media has really helped websites stand out. By promoting your site on social media platforms traditionally used by your target market, you are getting the word out about your company. If your content really resonates with this audience, they will share it, and your site’s exposure will only increase.


Final Thoughts

Running a business can have its moments of struggle, but it can also have moments for excitement and fulfillment. Running a website is the same. It may seem daunting at first, to start a website in a very competitive market. However, with some creativity and a desire to offer great content, it is possible to make your website stand out in a very positive way.



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