For years, marketers have turned to psychology to understand the way consumers think. By studying how the consumer’s mind operates, marketers can use targeted approaches to convince the public to buy a product or service. Marketing psychology is a subject all on its own and the techniques it has developed can help your business grow.


Marketing psychology is a subject all on its own and the techniques it has developed can help your business grow. Click To Tweet


Marketing psychology is defined as the overall feeling of market participants that impels them to buy or sell. While you can’t brainwash the public into buying something, you can use subtle cues to present that product in the best light possible. We have put together a list of these marketing psychology techniques to help you in your marketing efforts.


marketing psychology


Marketing Psychology Tips to Help Your Business


1. Be Visual

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. With the public’s increasingly short attention span, you want to be able to tell people a lot in a short amount of time. This means using lots of visuals in your advertising. By using appealing images and videos, you are already making your company more memorable than those who predominately use text only.




2. Appeal to Their Emotions, Not Their Intellect

marketing psychology emotional effectiveness

Roger Dooley cites a book called Brand Immortality, by Pringle and Field, that examined 1,400 marketing campaigns for their effectiveness.


In this study, they compared the profitability boost of campaigns that appealed to the emotions versus the campaigns that focused on information and rationale. At the end, they found that the campaigns based on emotion performed 31% better than the rational campaigns (16%) or those that took a combined approach (26%).


While emotional campaigns outperform other techniques, the study’s authors provide a word of caution as well. Creating an ad that discusses facts is easy, but creating an ad that truly plays on a consumer’s emotions is difficult. A marketer really needs to understand both the product and the minds of their target consumers to successfully pull it off. Therefore, doing your research is key before you attempt this type of marketing psychology strategy.



3. Choose Your Words Carefully

Edam Ames explains how certain word choices used in marketing can trigger feelings of trust for a product. When used appropriately, words like authentic, certified, loyal, guaranteed, and official provide some weight to a product’s claims.



4. The Power of Numbers

Neil Patel describes this phenomenon beautifully by describing our desire to follow the crowd. In his example, he describes two different restaurants. For the first restaurant you pass by, the lights are on but only one table is occupied. The next restaurant you pass by is packed and has a line out the door. Without tasting the food, you automatically want to eat at the latter restaurant. Your rationale behind this choice is that that many people can’t be wrong.


This phenomenon is called Social Proof and it means that people look for reassurance and behavioral cues from those around them.


To have this technique work for you, you need to create a following. If you have happy customers, ask them for a testimonial and post those reviews online. You can also use social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, to create a following. The more people that like your pages, the more social proof your company gains.



5. Get Your “Foot in The Door”

This tried and true sales technique can be used on both the doorstep and in the digital world. The concept is simple, go for the small win and then work your way up.


You begin by offering some sort of small incentive to get the consumer to say yes. You can offer visitors a free e-book or webinar in exchange for an email address or you could ask them to share comments on social media. By agreeing to this first small request, you are priming them to say yes to future requests.



6. Pay in Advance

If you offer a subscription-based service, this marketing psychology technique is for you. Ask the consumer to pay in advance rather than a pay-as-you-go type approach.


To best outline this technique, Smart Insights describes a 2013 study that looked at how much people were willing to pay to see their favorite band.


In Scenario A, they were asked how much they would be willing to pay today to see their favorite band from 5 years ago ($80). In Scenario B, they were asked how much they would be willing to spend today to see their current favorite band perform in 5 years ($129). It turned out that people were willing to pay more for future enjoyment.


By asking the consumer to pay in advance, you are capitalizing on the fact they like you now. They have a strong emotional attachment to you currently and are willing to pay to keep that relationship up. If you give them time to reconsider, other distractions can come up and they can end their membership as their tastes change.



Ready to Include Marketing Psychology Tips into Your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing psychology is all about presenting a product or service in the best light to motivate the public to become consumers. If used correctly, these techniques can enhance your marketing strategy.




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