Do You Want to Make Money on Your Blog? Here’s How to Monetize Your Blog Using a Post!

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Most bloggers dream of monetizing their blog but it can be difficult to understand how to do it. You can monetize your blog using a post that is helpful to your readers. Provide a lot of value, and add a product or service you recommend.

how to monetize your blog using a post

Here’s how to monetize your blog using a post:

Find a Product or Service that Fits in Your Blog’s Niche

It’s important to find a product or service that fits in with your blog’s niche or focus. Don’t recommend some children’s products if you don’t normally blog about children.

Promote products or services you use regularly and that you love in order to sound authentic to your readers.

Know Your Audience

It’s important to know your audience when you are monetizing your blog using a post. Your readers won’t engage if you are writing for someone else, so creating posts that speak to them and their problems will be incredibly helpful when you are writing. It will become easier to make money on your blog, but you will also find it easier to write regularly.

Find Out the Problems Your Promoted Product or Service is Helping With

You love the product or service you are promoting and there is a reason why! What problem does this product solve for your readers? It may be a tool that can help them with a problem or a course that helps them with a different problem

Let’s say your readers are searching for how to start a blog; you create a blog post on exactly that. A step by step instructional guide to setting up a WordPress blog.

Use Longtail Keywords

In your blog post, you need to figure out what kind of phrases people will use when they are searching for the information your product will solve. We’ve found some tools you can use here. Then naturally sprinkle those longtail keywords in your article - this will help search engines find your blog.

Write a List or Tutorial

Lists or tutorials are an easy way to monetize your blog using a post. It’s all about giving information while recommending a product or service.

Using a tutorial post, write everything your readers need to know about using the product or service you are recommending.

Let’s say the product or service you are recommending is a course on how to become a freelance writer, you need to give all the steps to starting a business writing, such as pitching, creating a portfolio, and finding clients. Then you can recommend they check out this course or product that helped you.

Lists are also a great way to help readers. If your readers want to become freelance writers, you can write a post on the 10 tools freelance writers need and then either recommend some products to help them (ie computer that they can buy at Best Buy) or that same course as above.

Add your Recommended Product or Service

Once your post is complete, see where you can sprinkle in your recommendations. In the post about becoming a freelance writer, you can tell your readers if they need more help, you recommend this course because it helped you do X, Y, and Z.

Share Some of the Best Features of the Product or Service

Make sure you talk about some of the best features of your promoted product or service.  This is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog using a post! Readers are looking for personal accounts of the product or service they are thinking of buying, so make sure you convince them of the benefits.

Don’t Oversell It

It’s tempting to oversell the product or service, but you need to keep it professional. Mention what you love and why you love it and keep it at that. Don’t throw a link in every paragraph because that makes readers think you are only interested in one thing from them.

Are you ready to monetize your blog using a post? It becomes easier the more you do it!


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