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ON-page (what you do to your website itself) and OFF-page SEO (what you do outside of your website but on its behalf) works hand in hand to gain Google and other search engine's TRUST of your site in order to rank you better and better for more competitive keywords and/or keyword phrases. Some business models use organic ranking to drive their business. We advise you to work on these things over time but do not obsess over it. There are many other ways to get targeted traffic to your website or startup initially. The organic rankings will come if you want that and work on it in the long term. However, in the short term, we advise a multitude of other channels to drive paid targeted traffic for much quicker responses, ROI, and analytic data to use for your site later (perhaps a brief post will be put up on this later). For now, if you learn and use the techniques/resource links below regarding ON-page and OFF-page SEO you will be well ahead of the game.

Search engines change there algorithms (the way they scores sites and pages/posts within sites) all the time. There is likely thousands of unknown variables they use (no one knows everything but we have really great sign posts to guide us along) . . . smile. Some of these items can be a moving target over time. It is NEVER a one-and-done affair! The general rule of thumb here is when you want to rank organically for keywords in search engines, you must pay attention to both ON-page and OFF-page SEO items. 

We can help you will most WordPress ON-page SEO items that can be done specifically on your WordPress websites. We love: and use this plugin a lot. Here are some other resources to for ON-page SEO:

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SEO is never just a one-time thing to do and your done. There are many many things to do regarding both ON-page SEO (stuff you do within WordPress or the site itself) and OFF-page SEO (stuff you do outside of WordPress or the site itself). Both of which have literally hundreds of things that both can be done initially which also can be both maintained & improved along with adjusted based on any new trends. The rabbit hole regarding SEO (ON-page and OFF-page) is very deep indeed. There is also a plethora of varied opinions and approaches to it. There can be many ways to approach it and still get the results you want. However, it is one of the things that, over time, will help you greatly along with edging out your competition in the long term in regards to ranking organically for relevant keywords for your business.

You do have to have a little patience but you need to know at least some of the things involved in order to balance out your ideals, expectations, and what is possible. 

Here are some links that you would do very well to read over time and at least get a general ideas of some of the things that can be done for OFF-page SEO. 

A big key on OFF-page SEO is Backlinks (BUT FAR FAR from the ONLY thing as you will see). Within your industry there are key indicators for Google and other search engines to TRUST you more and more (and thereby award you with higher and higher ranks for more competitive industry keywords). Here are some links to get you started with learning OFF-page SEO and some of the things you will want to consider doing:

Checkout these Quick Tips for ON/OFF-page SEO. Click To Tweet (important) (important)

Remember, don't obsess over this stuff. Be aware and take small steps daily on ON-page and OFF-page SEO. We recommend other channels of paid targeted traffic and social media while doing this at the same time (for another "Quick Tips" post later).

By the way, you will what to take a look at a quick way to select a great "focus keyword" for your page or post here as well (a earlier "Quick Tips" post we had).

Checkout these Quick Tips for ON/OFF-page SEO. Click To Tweet

We can help you will most WordPress ON-page SEO items that can be done on your WordPress websites directly. We can then continually give you resources and material so you can help yourself with some of the on-going OFF-page SEO things you should be doing if this is your focus (i.e. gain more and more search engine TRUST to gain organic rankings for keywords in search engines relevant to your business over time).

1. We can directly help you with individual ON-page SEO items (things that can be done on your WordPress website)

2. We can indirectly help you with individual OFF-page SEO items (things that can be done outside of your WordPress website) by continually giving you recommendations, resources, and pointing you in the right (or good) directions.

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