You’re in business to make a profit. To do so, you must have a secured means of payment. And it’s best if you have them in multiples.

Diversify your site payment channels with these best online payment methods for eCommerce sites.

You may experience a tremendous cart abandonment rate if your visitors don’t trust your site enough to provide their card details. Also, if your site’s checkout process is slow and most important, the lack of trusted online payment gateways.

Online Payment Gateways

Online Payment Gateways are eCommerce website service providers responsible for the processing of payments online. They help boost your site sales by Performing two important tasks such as:

#1. Making your site’s checkout process fast and easy:

We’ve all been there. You log into your favorite online store only to find out that it takes too long to load up the required page for payment. It happens almost instantly; you checkout and abandon patronage. 

#2. Protects your clients’ details:

This aspect of the gateway online payment providers cures the trust issues that your clients have with your site and their card details. With the rise of hackers and scammers, it’s only wise to make sure that your customers’ sensitive details like debit card details and codes are Protected from phishing.

Importance of Multiple Means of Online Payment

Research has it that about 19% of online shoppers abandon carts because they didn’t trust the store with their card details. With up to 8% complaining that they didn’t find their preferred way of payment.

Imagine if the 19% who left due to trust issues saw the payment methods they trust and probably didn’t have to provide any card details. That’s 19% additional sales.

Putting the 8% of those who complained of not seeing their preferred way to pay should have seen PayPal or Apple pay in the store. That’s an additional 8% of sales. This summed up to 20% of total sales.

From the 100% shop leavers, 20% is convertible if their trusted and preferred gateways were available.

Now that we’re on the same page let’s get down to the best online payment methods for eCommerce sites.

Best Online Payment Methods for eCommerce Sites

Diversify your online stores’ payment methods using these 10 best online payment methods for eCommerce sites:

  • PayPal
  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Master Card
  • Visas
  • 2Checkout

#1. PayPal


With almost 254 million users worldwide and about 17 million business platforms, PayPal tops the chart as the best online payment method for eCommerce sites. Making payment via PayPal is as simple as clicking on the symbols on the e-commerce site. Making it a smooth checkout option when buying.

PayPal boasts of an 82% customer conversion rate higher when compared to other means of payment.

Adding PayPal checkout to your eCommerce site would involve 30 cents and 2.9% off every successful payment you make via PayPal.

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#2. American Express

American Express

You can trust American Express (Amex) for your conversion of the 19% hanging checkouts that were due to trust issues.

American Express protects buyers against fraud with 24/7 customer support and flexible payment processing features. Your clients won’t get frustrated. It accepts up to 120 world currencies. This means the world is buying from you.

However, you’ll pay a $20 gateway fee for a 100 transaction made. And a setup fee of $99 at least. As said earlier, if your site can pull high-class buyers, then Americans express is the gateway you should pass.

#3. Apple Pay

Apple Pay

I think you know where this is heading already with the name. Stats has it that above 64% of Americans use apple phones. That means that almost half of American buyers have the potential of paying with Apple pay.

When your clients provide their card details, random security numbers are generated (Apple tokens). These tokens replace the card. Here, crucial details on your client’s credit or debit card are highly encrypted and censored.

Apple serves as a free gateway to both buyers and Merchants as long as you have registered your device with a compatible platform like Google. Opt for their API already.

#4. Google Pay

Google Pay

Google is not only a search giant, it is well versed in e-commerce gateway. After PayPal Google comes next as the best online payment method for eCommerce sites.

When it comes to Google security, you can sleep with both eyes closed. Also, their platform is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

Google Pay works with PayPal and Visa Gateways and it enables sellers to come up with innovative ways like loyalty programs, digital gift cards, and deals for customers.

You won’t pay using Google Pay. It’s free for you and your clientele.

#5. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

Another popular gateway is Amazon pay. It’s convenient to say that it’s among the best online payment methods for eCommerce sites after Google pay.

All your prospects have an account with Amazon pay. You don’t want to leave some cash on the table. It’s a simple and almost click-to-pay gateway. Your clients won’t have to input their details to checkout.

Amazon pay protects against fraud as they claimed. Whether your clients use a laptop, Android, or iPhone, Amazon pay is compatible with all platforms. This entails frictionless checking out.

It takes a few minutes to add the Amazon pay gateway to your eCommerce site using their Express Integration. Or opt for their API if you’re patient enough.

Budget around 30 cents and a 2.9% for each successful purchase made.

#6. Stripe


With stripes, you can make payments from various sources like credit cards, digital wallets, ACH transfers, and with a range of different currencies. Your clients won’t feel stuck.

Stripe is a rich featured gateway that can be added to your site via coding. You can also add it to your site by their embedded checkout with a string of Javascript. Alternatively, use their UI toolkit to create a more unique payment method.

Similarly, with PayPal and Amazon Pay, Stripe charges 30 cents and 1.9% for local credit cards and 8% for ACH payments.

#7. Square


Square is Known for its Point-of-Sale payment. Well, you should grin at knowing that they also offer an eCommerce gateway.

This is possible via their online payment API that works with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Masterclass, as well as credit card payments. Shocked?

Also, Square serves as a smooth checkout solution. Interestingly, customers can set up personal profiles while they make their payment details available.

Like the norm, put in place 2.9% and $.30 per successful payment.

#8. MasterPass


If you’re conversant with American Express and Visa, then you know to a great extent that Mastercard’s Masterpass payment method.

Your clients can easily make payments on your eCommerce site with MasterCard. Their details are protected by high-class security from the card company which is tightened by a series of fraud checks like user verification, tokenization, and issuer authentication

You and your client won’t pay a dime to enjoy the MasterCard checkouts. Also, you have their developers on standby to help you out if there should be any issues 

#9. Visa


Visa payment options take after the American Express of checking out. The Visa method works so that your clients with visa cards can check out your site by providing any payment details.

With over 2 million users you’re sure to close about 42% of sales from a good amount of your site visitors. Also, the number of people using a visa entails trust and satisfaction.

You have a painless setup backed up by top-notch security for your clients.

#10. 2Checkout


With 2Checkout you’re sure to receive payments from all over the world, by that I mean a wide collection of currencies.

2checkout rather choose to check out in style with their customizable designs that boost your site authority and brand. At the same time, they’re tight on fraud, with a responsive design that makes the site fit across devices.

You can add 2Checkout to your site using their API, that’s pretty simple. They have a first charge of 2.9% and 30 cents per successful transaction. There’ll be an extra charge for checking out for foreign customers.


What’s the most common method of e-commerce payment?

Despite the Advent of other painless means of moving money, credit/debit card payment remains the most common way to pay on e-commerce.

Which payment Gateways are the best on e-commerce websites?

Here they are:
American Express
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Amazon Pay and more

Why Offer Multiple Payment of Methods?

No law stipulates that you must diversify the source of receiving your payment online. However, you should consider what is at risk in the long run or almost immediately.

You’ve been readily prepared with the best online payment methods for eCommerce sites. You can always add more. However, don’t forget that credit cards and debit cards remain the most popular and preferred ways to pay.

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