Is it possible to organically grow your social media following?

Social media is a necessary evil. Or at least it’s a necessary pain. But with digital marketing on the rise, is it even possible to grow your social media without spending a fortune? Although the days of growing your social media quickly without spending any money on advertising seem to be long gone, you can still grow organically grow your social media following.

Here are some of our favorite ways to grow your following without spending any money.

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organically grow your social media following

Post to your Ideal Followers/Clients

Not all followers are created equally. A couple hundred engaged followers who might turn into clients are worth more than several thousand who are only interested in gathering numbers. Figure out who your ideal client is and post for them. Once you start posting for those ideal followers, your numbers will grow because of your authenticity.


Niche specific hashtags are a great way to grow your Instagram or Twitter following. Use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram, ensuring you switch them up frequently. On Instagram, post your hashtags in the comments so your copy looks cleaner.

In order to figure out which hashtags to use, check out what your competitors are using, and then copy them. Try to use hashtags that have under 1,000,000 posts so that your post doesn’t get lost. Don’t get thrown into Instagram jail - follow these best practices.


Do you notice when an organization posts something like “this dress just arrived. Link in comments”? Probably not because it’s not telling you anything. If you tell a story with your caption, it makes your brand more relatable. So a company selling clothes could say “I met my future husband wearing a dress in these exact colors! It makes me think of true love and hot summer nights. Link in comments”.

One note on captions - include a call to action. Link in comments, ask a question, share your experience all encourage the reader to stay on your post rather than going on to the next one.

Don’t follow and unfollow people to gain numbers

You can follow thousands of people and then unfollow them right away so that the number of followers you have is more than the amount you are following. I know it works to raise your numbers, but I think it is spammy and shows a lack of credibility. Sometimes you follow and unfollow the same  people multiple times and if you think people don’t notice that, you are deluding yourself. Since you are looking for potential readers or clients, you need quality followers, not a bunch of numbers.

Comment whenever someone comments on your post

Facebook loves this. If you have someone who comments and they you comment back, that counts as two comments on your post. The more comments, the more your post will be show to your readers. It’s an algorithm thing.

Post Facebook Live videos

That same algorithm thing means that Facebook loves live videos, regular videos, and images more than they like simple text posts. You can run an experiment to see how many people you are reaching - use a text post and one with an image or video and see how your engagement grows.

It used to be easier to to organically grow your social media following than it is now now, it’s true, but you can use some best practices to gain engagement numbers. It really comes down to engaging with your followers and creating posts that are relevant  to your readers.

Combine organic growth with paid digital media advertising to really explode your following and engagement numbers.

organically grow your social media following


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