Preview of the Features of the WordPress 4.7

Thrill and excitement are the results when you wait for the final version of the WordPress 4.7. With a new set of features, there is a big chance that it will create a big buzz among clients in different parts of the world.  This development will mark a milestone in the era of using WordPress. You can expect better things and excellent ones that will assure that its release date on December 6 will not be a waste of time. It is time to take note of it and see the features that will provide you an excellent WordPress experience.

Do you know what to expect in the upcoming WordPress 4.7? Here are the following features that might get yours and everyone’s attention glued to the screen of your computer.

Here is a preview of the new features of WordPress 4.7 which is coming out Dec 6th 2016 or so. Click To Tweet

Twenty Seventeen


If you are looking for new approaches to the previous themes, here is a way to make things more interesting. With the use of the Twenty Seventeen, you will have the chance to make your business websites more soothing to the clients. This feature is typically used for business and not blogs but with the arrival of the final version, there will be a guarantee of a blog usage of the theme.

If you are into large featured images, excellent typography, and mobile design, this will ensure that you have a big edge in using the Twenty Seventeen. With its advanced features, the use of WordPress will be a great thing for most people. You cannot deny the fact that with the use of WordPress, there are amazing things to discover. New-features-wordPress-4-7/ will give you more snapshots of the new features of the WordPress 4.7.

Video Headers Support


Any website, whether it is a blog, business etc. deserves to have the right and excellent video support in order to set a more captivating look on the website. You will not have any problem with this one. The Video Headers Support feature of the WordPress 4.7 will take of as effective as possible. Now, with its release on Beta, you will have the chance to download and use your own videos in MP4 format. Aside from this, the YouTube and Vimeo provide an excellent approach that will suit likes and preferences. Thus, you will be making an effective and captivating website for any online user.

Theme Setup Flow


An impressive theme will assure that your website will have a great number of visitors that you want. With the new feature of the WordPress 4.7, the Theme Setup flow, you will have a great chance to have your themes customized in a manner that you want. There is a high capacity on having an effective theme search that will ensure an effective use of themes.

Custom CSS 


If you want a live preview of your Custom CSS, the WordPress 4.7 is the right choice in order to make it LIVE. With this feature, any user can add a custom CSS Preview to the selected theme. You can do the theme processing directly in theme customizer. Aside from this, you will not have the problem in selecting the most specific theme that you want to include on the website.

There is an easy guide on the effective ways in order for you to have a customized setting of the theme that you have selected. Thus, there will be a great advantage in selecting and customizing the theme in WordPress.

Admin Language User Interface


Here is a preview of the new features of WordPress 4.7 which is coming out Dec 6th 2016 or so. Click To Tweet

In this feature of the WordPress 4.7, there will be a great chance for you to switch between the languages of your choice. However, before you do it, you must store the languages that are required for other users to change them in the language that they prefer. This will assure that each user will experience great convenience in using any site they want to see. In shifting language, a better web communication for each user is certain.

Thumbnail Previews that is use in PDF Files


Normally, when you upload a PDF File on the web, the icon is the one that is projected on the screen. However, with the Thumbnail Preview feature of the WordPress 4.7, you can now see the first page of your PDF document when you have uploaded it on the media library. There will be a big chance for you to see the preview of the document even on the attachment page.

Post Editor Enhancements


Spending many hours trying to create content in the post editor will have a tiring effect on any user. However, with the improvements in the post editor page such as the keyboard shortcuts, the paragraph and selector menu, there is a big chance that any user will have an edge in making a big difference when it comes to creating content in the post editor.

Bulk Actions

By adding custom actions on the table, the WordPress 4.7 provides a big contribution on the usage of the website content and WordPress features.

Post Type Templates

With these templates, there will be a big chance for developers to select a wide variety of post types that will provide an easy and effective comfort for most of the users. Thus, a successful way of adding and utilizing content at all times.

API Content Endpoints

With the arrival of this to the WordPress series, there will be a sure way in order to set all things in the right place by using the effective contents that will ensure an excellent result all the time.

Switching Location

The switch of the location of any site will ensure any developer and user of the most effective ways of making a successful process.

WordPress 4.7 will surely deliver a high-quality satisfaction most of the time. It will ensure that most of the users will not find a hard time in making their website contents more captivating. WordPress 4.7 will allow you to make an effective, unique and successful use of your WordPress and making your website the best it is.

Here is a preview of the new features of WordPress 4.7 which is coming out Dec 6th 2016 or so. Click To Tweet

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WordPress 4.7 screenshots

WordPress 4.7 Introduces New Theme Twenty Seventeen

What is coming in WordPress 4.7

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