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  • This level is intended for those genuinely interested in the Premium or Standard monthly plan so they can see what the support experience will be like. If you only need a single one-off job completed now and currently can not do the Premium or Standard monthly plan for any reason, then please use this option instead for a single one-off job.
  • Limitless* support on small jobs. Just give us a try FREE for 3 days so you can experience what it is like. Please keep in mind that our Standard and Premium members do have priority in certain cases (but this level will at least give you a great idea of how service to you works)
  • Even though we have a 30 day money back guarantee on our Standard, Premium, and One-Off levels we still want to go further and let everyone experience us without any risk whatsoever first if needed absolutely FREE. Otherwise, please choose one of the other plan levels to begin a great WordPress support experience today.
  • Examples of Jobs: +Suggestions +Wordpress conflicts +Loading speeds +Configure Plugin +OR, just about any WP small jobs you can think of

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