Have You Mastered the Art of Productivity?

There are two types of bloggers out there today. The first group uses their blog as a creative outlet only and are unconcerned with posting schedules or numbers of page views. The second group uses their blog as either their primary business or as a supplement to their business. If you are one of the latter type bloggers, then mastering the art of productivity is paramount to your success.


productivity tips


To help your continued success in blogging, we have compiled a list of the productivity tips to help keep you on track.


Get Rid of the Distractions

The ability to multi-task has long been a benchmark every successful business person strives to hit. But over the years, people discovered that it’s quite difficult to stay on point when your attention is divided between two or more tasks. As a result, to increase your productivity it is recommended to tackle one task at a time rather than try to multi-task.


To remain focused on the task at hand, set aside a block of time to work distraction free. This means putting your phone on silent, turning off the tv, and moving to an area where you won’t be constantly interrupted.

To remain focused on the task at hand, set aside a block of time to work distraction free. Click To Tweet


By limiting the number of distractions, you can easily maintain your trains of thought, allowing you to create great work. Now before you panic about having no free time, don’t worry. Your block of time does not have to be long. Short periods of distraction-free time can be more productive than longer periods of time that are being constantly plagued by distractions. By using your time efficiently, you will increase your productivity. For more tips on time management strategies, click here.



Be Ready When Inspiration Strikes

Have you ever been walking down the street and have a brilliant idea strike you out of the blue? You are excited to build upon that idea, only to find the thought has disappeared by the time you hit the next corner. This can be very disappointing, but it’s something than can be fixed.


Your productivity will increase if you are prepared for your next inspiration. To start, always keep a pad of paper and pen beside your desk. If a thought strikes in the middle of another task, quickly write down the idea so you don’t forget.


Next, if you are on the move, download a notes app or a voice recorder app for your phone. When your next amazing thought strikes, make a note of it on your phone so you can reference it when you get home. By taking note of your ideas when they happen, you can spend more time building upon the idea rather than wasting time trying to remember what that idea was.



Plan Your Content

If your style of blogging is to let topic inspiration strike you right before your next project is due, you may find it challenging to be productive all the time. Some days topic ideas seem to fall from the sky while other days it can feel like pulling teeth. To overcome this, take some time each month to plan your content. By deciding on your content early, you can spend more time researching and writing rather than on just brainstorming. In knowing what each post that month will be about, you can use your time more efficiently and thus increase your productivity.



Create a Style Guide

When creating multiple pages on your site, it’s important that each page conform to the same standards, so your site looks cohesive. If you spend a lot of time on your site’s creation or like to make tweaks over time, it might be hard to remember which size font you used or what your preferred colors are. The solution is to create a style guide.


Melissa Culbertson outlines some important items to include in your guide. First, you can note the HEX and RGB color schemes you have chosen for your site. You can also include the types of font used, the text size, and how you write certain words. Any formatting preferences for your site should be included in your guide. You can then use this guide as a quick reference document to help keep your site as cohesive as possible.



FAQ Page

Do you find that you are answering the same questions repeatedly? Why not create an FAQ page? If there are some questions that only require a short, quick answer this would be the place to put them. This shows prospective customers that you are there to help them, even if it is just supplying them with some additional information.


An FAQ page can also be used to help screen your site traffic. If visitors read the FAQs and learn they need something a bit different, then they have saved both of you some time. They have learned that they need to look elsewhere, and you have saved time by not having to build a rapport with someone that won’t be using your services. On the other hand, if a visitor reads the FAQs and wants to know more, they will reach out to you for more information. These inquiries can be considered warm leads and if treated well can turn into new customers.



What Are Your Productivity Tips?

To master the art of productivity, you simply need to streamline your processes and block off time to work solely to the task at hand. By doing this, you are better able to focus your efforts and make the most of your time. If you need help streamlining some of your processes, contact us today to see how we can help increase your productivity.


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