Services pages are tough. They need to provide enough detail so the customer knows if the company is right for the job. They also need to be brief enough that a new customer can quickly scan the contents to determine if more in-depth reading is needed. Striking the right balance can be tough.


In today’s post, we look at services pages and offer some great tips and advice on how to create a services page that converts prospects into customers.


services page


The Problem with Services Pages

The concept behind the services page is great. Its job is to explain what the company does so the customer can decide whether the company is right for their particular job.


The problem, however, is that the services offered by a company on their services page are not articulated well. Often, the listed services are either too brief or they use so much technical jargon that they turn the customer off. In either case, they end up leaving the customer with more questions then what they started with. This is not a position you want to put your customers in.


To avoid this situation, here are some tips to help you write your services page.



Consider the Entry Point

When a website is created, individual webpages undergo different treatments. Landing pages are seen as a website entry point, so they are written for a new visitor audience. Their job is to be the website’s front man and to bring in new customers, so the page is written for an audience unfamiliar with the company’s offerings.


Other webpages, such as the About Us page or the Contact Us page, are written for an audience that has at least a little knowledge about the company and wants to learn more. They don’t reiterate basic information about the company because it’s assumed the visitor already has that knowledge from other pages they visited on the website.


Services pages should be treated as both a landing page and a more information page. Visitors may arrive on this page after visiting other pages on the website. Alternatively, the services page may be their initial entry point because this specific page showed up on a search engine results page (SERP).


If the latter case happens, the services page will be the first point of contact a company has with that visitor. The visitor may have no idea who the company is or what it is about, so a moment is needed to briefly describe the company. By doing this, the services listed further down the page will be put into better context than if the services were listed just by themselves without any explanation about the company itself.



Walk a Mile in the Customer’s Shoes

Now that a brief explanation about the company is given, it’s now time to articulate the services offered by the company. Since you are the company expert and you know what your company offers, this may seem like a simple task. But in reality, it’s harder than it sounds.


When a company insider writes about the services offered, there is a good chance that they are too knowledgeable about the subject. It’s hard to remember what it was like having little knowledge on the subject, so some information may be omitted from the explanations. This is not done in malice but rather it’s because the writer considered the information a give-in, when in fact it’s not.


This means that it’s important to take a moment and look at the information you are providing to customers. Did you accidentally omit crucial information? Did you adequately cover the initial steps of the process, or did you just jump right into step seven? Ask yourself if you are correctly addressing customer’s questions and concerns. If you are not sure, run your content past a few outside people and ask their opinion. If they can understand your offerings, then you are in good shape.


Remember that service descriptions should be written in a language that the customer will understand. You don’t need jargon to prove how much you know. Being able to describe in clear terms what you do to a layperson is a more powerful way to earn customers than trying to impress them by speaking over their heads.


Service descriptions should be written in a language that the customer will understand. Click To Tweet



Tailor the Content to Match Your Ideal Customer

When creating content for the services page, keep in mind your choice of words. The phrases chosen will help the customer know if your company is the right fit for them.


Phrases like “budget-friendly options” or “start-up options” signal to the customer that your company caters to people with limited budgets. On the flip-side, if you use phrases like “for the discerning customer” or “luxury service” it demonstrates that you cater to a higher budget clientele.


By making these distinctions in your description, you are helping your target audience find you.



Call To Action

To round out the services page, a Call-to-Action button should be included on the page. Information has bee given about what services are provided, so capitalize on the interest generated by this by including a clear call to action. Placing a “Get a Quote” button or “Contact Us Now” button on the services page removes the extra steps involved in figuring out how to do this from another one of your webpages. This then makes it easier and more likely that a prospect converts into a customer.



Final Thoughts

A services page should not be considered an obligatory page that holds generic information about the services you offer. In spending the time to craft a well-thought out page, more prospects will be converted into happy customers.



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