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WordPress CMS (WP CMS) - Some Reasons to check in out!

Without a doubt, the need for a reliable content management system increases rapidly, especially with the fact that more and more websites are being created each day. However, among them, the WordPress CMS is being used more as compared to other CMS platforms (to build websites and blogs) out there and that is according to the survey conducted by W3Techs. The statistics are updated regularly and according to it, about 26% of all the websites in the internet uses the CMS and 88% of them uses WordPress’ version 4. Well, it’s not surprising at all, considering the fact that WordPress allows anyone to build up a site without much problem as well. Through it, it would also not be impossible to create a fully functional and professional looking site with the themes that it offers. Hence, even businesses have been using it for their advantage.

Some reasons to check out the WordPress CMS website platform for your website. Share on X

What are the benefits you can get from it?                 

First of all, you would benefit from it a lot due to it’s ease of use. The WordPress CMS makes it possible to add content on the website including images and even new page in just a matter of minutes. You also get to save some money on the core basic setup of your site. You only need to login and with that, you can now do anything that you want on your website.

Of course, you would also want to have control over your site, right and the WP CMS allows you to do so. You can even perform the needed updates by yourself. Another thing is that, you can customize it however you want and that only means that you can make it as unique as it can be to offer your visitors a different experience that can also make you outstand in this industry. In addition to that, it is capable of meeting your growing demands as you can add hundreds or even thousands of content in it without compromising the performance of your site. Those are just some of the benefits you can get from it.

Great features that it offers

The WordPress CMS has a lot of features to offer you and that includes the built-in comments, promoting engagement with your site’s visitors. It is also search engine optimized and it would be safe to say that search engines really loves site with WordPress as it’s CMS, especially as it’s codes are quite simple and clean. This one is also multi-lingual and in fact, it is available in over 70 languages, which means that one can use it in their native language.

It also offers great publishing tools, making it so much easier to have your content published and available for viewing. Through the use of such tools, you can view the revisions you have done before and even schedule when you would want your content to be published. You would also surely be delighted with the media management feature as you can simply just drag and drop the media content that you wanted to be included in your website. In addition to that, there are also tools there that allows you to edit your images to make it more appealing in the eyes of your visitors. Encouraging them to stay on your website longer. Another great feature of the are the plugins that are available for you to use. Through it, you can add functionality of your site. You can check them out here.

Also, another great resource is 101+ Logical Reasons Why WordPress is the (BEST CMS) in 2018 and beyond . . . 

What are some WordPress CMS plugins you can use?

Ultimate Branding

If in case you wanted to remove the WordPress branding or change it according to your personal preferences, then all you have to do is to install a single plugin, which is Ultimate Branding. By doing so, you would be able to add your own logo not only in the login screen but also in the admin bar and footer. In addition to that, if in case you think that some of the widgets in your dashboards are not necessary, then this plugin would be quite useful for you as it allows you to remove them and at the same time, it gives you the freedom to add your own widget. This is the best plugin one can have for branding purposes.


Surely, you would have no idea on what may happen to your website in the future and so, there is a need for you to ensure that you have all the content and the data in your site are backed up and you can do that by simply downloading and installing the plugin called BackupBuddy. This is one plugin that would surely provide you peace of mind. After all, it allows you to set a schedule for the automatic backup process of your content, which are then saved on the cloud.

CMS Tree Page View

This would be the perfect plugin option for you if you want your custom posts and all your other pages to have a tree view. By simply having this one, you are given the power to not only view page but also edit them at the same time. It is also possible for you to view the pages that you have using it. Also, it is a known fact that searching for certain pages can be quite a hassle but with the WordPress CMS tree page view plugin, you can search for pages easily. Even rearranging the order of the pages can be done with ease with it’s drag and drop option.

Broken Link Checker

Without a doubt, it takes a lot of work to check all the links and images in your site one by one to know whether there are missing images or broken links, especially if it already has a lot of content but this plugin makes such tasks much easier for you. In fact, it would be the one to notify you in case such scenarios happens. With that, you would be able to replace the broken link or missing image faster and so, it is truly an essential plugin for you to have.

You can check out all the other WordPress plugins that are available for you to use at Also, apart from that, you might as well consider seeking for help from a reliable company when it comes to maintaining your site and updating it as well. With that being said, WP Website Help might be a great choice for your needs. We are willing to take on the job of ensuring that your site is at it’s best. Also, we are aware that many of you just want to tend mostly to your business/endeavor and not spend too much precious time to accomplish even the smallest of jobs on your WordPress CMS website.

Here is some ideas to help install WordPress and also get some ideas of what WordPress can be used for.

Additionally, here are some high profile brands using WordPress with over a hundred examples.

Some reasons to check out the WordPress CMS website platform for your website. Share on X

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