This is a "Quick Tips" post.

Here are some sources for website images and some tips. First off, here are some packed/condensed quick tips:

By the way, a "Quick Tips" post seeks to give you information fast so that you can get something useful from them fast that is actionable (without have having to read a lot of stuff). It attempts not to post too much information so as to avoid "information overload" (thereby many times invoking inaction vs. action in a majority of people . . . yes, there are exceptions).

  • Be sure to use only good quality commercial images (assuming you have commercial intent). If you do not, then that is another story. Be sure the images are posted as for commercial intent/labeled for reuse as is or when modified. Each source should have a easy way for you to filter or sort.
  • Usually a medium in terms of dimensions is good for most uses (below 1000x1000) unless you need a full background image/banner or something similar.
  • Also, try to keep the actual file sizes that are uploaded to your site under 500kb ideally (anything over this begins to hurt your site speed/user experience and also SEO*
  • Additionally, if you have time try to SEO your website images for some of your more important pages (most do not) then by all mean do so as it will only help you.This is done while you are taking just a few minutes to optimize your page (even if only on the most basic level) when doing your focus keyword ON-page SEO setup while creating/editing your page.

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Here are some great (generally free) resources minus a few featured selections when you search (they are clearly marked if not free): (mostly free except for sponsored images sometimes at the top of the results page)

Sample Google Search for "bird" (but use the commercial intent filters . . . "labeled for reuse" is your best option under the "Search tools" button)


Here is one relatively good economical source (compared to a lot of other paid sources). If you really can not find a image that will work for whatever purpose, then try this source. Once you purchase, then you can use commercially: (mostly free except for sponsored images sometimes at the top of the results page)

Hope that helps some in regards to having a few good/fast sources for images. Let us know if you would like more sources for website images posted and how these work for you.

*SEO = Search Engine Optimization

IMPORTANT: Image file sizes are absolutely crucial to your website in many ways. This is a good plugin to have on your WordPress site to help you manage current and future images file sizes:

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