Are you looking for a way to increase the speed of your WordPress site? A faster page load will increase traffic and help you rank high in Google.

This post discusses various tips to help you speed up your WordPress site and rank at the top of Google.

Why is Speed important in a WordPress site?

You only have a second to capture visitors’ attention to your website, and if you experience slow loading, it turns away people to other websites. You will need to increase speed loading to get more traffic.

According to the research, many people search on Google, and if your content is what the audience is looking for, you have little time to show them what it takes. You have to ensure page loading is faster and results better.

Google has developed an algorithm ranking the website doing well in terms of Speed, and if your site is slow in loading, it may remove from the search engine.

The three tools most commonly used to determine the speed of a website are:

Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress site

1.  Choose quality Web hosting

Choose quality Web hosting

You will need to invest in web hosting to increase your site from ranking at the top of Google. There are various offers, but always choose the best service and quality one to make your Speed faster.

If you want traffic on your website, consider a good host; the loading will take a second to open your site page.

A WordPress host is used to store site data and give you an easy way to manage visitors. Customer support is available to give you support whenever you face any issues.

The price for web hosting has decreased recently to provide you with service and helps you in setting up your servers.

Here are the top 3 best web hosting providers.

2. Reduce image sizes

Images are the most straightforward way to increase traffic to your website and play a crucial role in ranking. A good image on your website will make people click on it and want to know more. Based on the image file you choose, it makes work easier formatting for your using JPEG and PNG. The image optimization intends to increase traffic to your website. You have to choose quality photos to speed up the ranking.

If you don’t have an amount for the purchase image, you can use the free one and upload them to your WordPress.

3. Secure WordPress

If you want to speed up your WordPress, security is essential to keep away attackers from your website. You will need to check if there is any attempt to login into your website.

Keeping your WordPress private is essential to consider and helps your server load.

4. Keep the WordPress site updated

You have to maintain your WordPress frequently for the new features. You have to keep an eye on your website and ensure you have the latest version for your site. The site can run slow if you have not updated the latest version.

5. Speed ranking factor on Google

The goal is to help you bring your site to the top of Google and increase your page loading faster. The ranking factor will give you a good position on the search engine.

Visitors bounce back when your site experience a slow loading, leading to your site performing badly. You will consider internet connection on your desk and speed page loading.

WordPress increases traffic depending on how faster your site and internet connection for ranking factors.

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6. Home page optimization

WordPress displays content on the home page before you publish it. Your site cannot complete without a proper homepage which increases visitors.

If you want to increase the preview of your website, then consider setting up your home page for a better look and spend less on it.

The following are steps to speed up the homepage on the WordPress site:

Reduce the number of posts you make per page

Make sure to reduce unnecessary sharing of widgets on the home page

Keep it minimal and short to the point for your readers to go through your content faster

Navigate settings and reading for your WordPress to show up a complete text.

7. Choose a proper theme

If you want to speed up your WordPress, try a good one which will increase visitors to your website. Some themes send a strong message out there, and that is why you should aim to look at search features and weight with your website. You must search for a functional plugin to keep the learning on your site. The premium theme on WordPress offers you speed optimization for selecting the suitable theme for the smooth transition. It helps your site to rank on Google.

3 Most fastest WordPress themes (tested and compared)

8. Use content delivery network (CDN)

Note different location geographic experiences loading different for the websites. Your hosting servers have an impact on speeding up your WordPress and making visitors click on your blog.

The use of CDN helps WordPress loading time for all your visitors. Web hosting on the CDN helps in fast loading.

9. Set up site monitoring

The website speed will require full management and action taken for any issue. Always check your site speed on the monitoring and offer you email and site investigation.

10. Use faster plugins

Wordpress faster plugins
WordPress Faster plugins- WP Website Help

When you get a poorly coded WordPress will lead to the slow loading of your site. You must choose the best plugin from the market and showcase special features. If you want good performance, try to search for a WordPress plugin that will give you better results. Consider the fastest and most user-friendly in SEO ranking.

10 Tips To Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster
10 Quick And Easy Choices To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

What causes page loading Server and hosting

The page loading will depend on which server you are using at the moment and does it make any impact. Check below three type of host

Dedicated server

Dedicated servers give you complete control over your fast WordPress hosting. You get a full physical server, which you lease from a hosting provider, giving you complete control over your fast WordPress hosting. You can choose the operating system, hardware, etc.

Virtual private server

VPS servers are created by partitioning a physical server computer into multiple servers. Each customer takes up one separate slot. Consequently, you gain almost as much control over your server as you would with a dedicated server. This ensures your website’s content is safely stored and can handle high traffic.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is a popular hosting option for beginners, and it’s the cheapest option. This means your site will use the same server with multiple websites. For most small sites its good But if you are expecting your site to grow and reach a larger audience, then you should consider following up with a more robust plan. Many major hosting companies offer shared hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs of How to Speed up your WordPress site

How fast should WordPress load?

The loading of your page will determine by various factors and whether the internet you use is faster.
However, the correct answer is below 2 seconds.
If your site loads more, you should seek a better way to ensure the site load is regular.

What image size should I use?

It depends but the most recommendable is 5*5

Which internet can you use for transmitting the data?

ISP network provides you will the most reliable internet provider for Google optimization. You can have speed latency to your site, make sure all is working well, and make it happen.

How can I speed up the WordPress site today?

You can start by reducing the loading time to 50% and click on the product you want for additional products.

Can you add an expired header to your website?

Expire header can be used in the future when clients browse the site. You will be required to copy-paste the link and place it where is necessary. The codding for your website you can change any time you feel.

How many visitors can land on your page?

The site speed will help you make some of your sites perform well, and you can get thousands of visitors to your site within a second.


If you want to speed up WordPress on your site, then consider reading the above information. Every step mentioned here gives you a clear picture of what you want and quickly makes the loading of your website. You have to understand some of the effects of slow website loading and ensure you follow all the requirements.

You can improve the ranking factor for your website once you follow all the details required on your site. The blog ranking has some personal hosting for the WordPress when loading, and ensure to read all the tutorials. You need to make sure that you learn more on WordPress speed up.

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