Coding problems, web server errors, and Server maintenance can contribute to why your website is down.

It’s tricky and consequential;

It’s tricky for you as the site owner, you may access your site with ease while your visitors stare stranded. Consequential in the fact the slightest downtime of your site tolls negatively on your brand’s reputation and your SEO ranking suffers. 

Worse, you may go out of the Google search index. A remedy is by keeping a watch on your website’s uptime.

Here, you’ll learn how to check if your website is working worldwide. The catch is, what if your site is down? Any solution? That is also treated later in this article.

Up next: are causes for a down website. Followed by Is this Website Down? How to Check if Your Site is Working Worldwide

Causes for a Down Website

Curial reasons why your website is Down include:

  • Regional Restrictions
  • Coding Problems
  • Server Errors

#1. Regional Restrictions

Your website can be non-functional in other countries because:

  • You run a Media site that doesn’t align with the privacy laws of other countries
  • Yours is a shopping website, and your services aren’t’ in demand in other countries.

#2. Coding Problems

All websites are built on codes such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more. Regardless, Your site will grovel in downtime if it has bad code in its core file.

#3. Web Server Errors

In this, we mean traffic issues. If the incoming traffic to your site at once is more than the site capacity, you’ll have a long site downtime. Switching to a weightier data plan can get you up and running.

Is this Website Down? How to Check if Your Site is Working Worldwide

Confirm your site’s online status with the following tools:

  • Website Planet
  • Host Tracker
  • Site24x7
  • Proxy Server

#1. Website Planet

Website Planet

Use website planet to check if your website is still up and running in real time or not.

Website planet is a straightforward and free online checker tool.

Follow these steps to use the Website planet:

  • Visit Website Planet at
  • Enter the URL of your website address
  • Click the Check button.

Website planet will alert you on your site’s online status like website is UP in green. Otherwise; you’ll read is DOWN in red.

#2. Host Tracker

Host Tracker

A more detailed website uptime checker is Host Tracker. You also know about page speed, trace, Port, HTTPS, ping, security, and website health.

Host Tracker offers both paid and free services, of course with more values attached to the paid version.

You can enjoy automatic notifications on your site’s uptime and downtime in the paid version for between $9.92 to $74.92 per year. With a free trial. Or you do the free Host Tracker by going up to the website to confirm your site’s uptime:

  • Visit Host Tracker
  • Navigate downwards to the “check site” column. Choose the ping tab.
  • Fill in your website domain or URL and the test location.
  • In the location tab, “All World” for your site’s global status.
  • Click Check.
  • Wait for the information to load fully and you’ll have your results.

Important: pay attention to the first line of the display, which determines whether your website is online or not. Every other failure may be a result of your client’s browser issues.

#3. Site24x7


With Site24x7 you can check your site’s liveliness from about 60 locations worldwide like China, Barcelona, London, New York, and Sydney. Site24x7 is a premium checker tool. You can take advantage of the free trials.

Also, you’ll have some satisfactory details such as total response time, DNS resolution, and connection time. You also have up to the first byte and last byte time.

Do this to monitor your website online status:

  • Visit Site24x7, you’re already at the “enter your website domain.”
  • Enter your website URL or domain address
  • Click “Test Now.”
  • Wait for it. Site24x7 is gathering your site’s updates. Do not close the window

The results will display graphs and tables containing extra information about your site.

However, Your website is up and running worldwide if the Status for each location shows OK. It’s down if it returns a series of dashes in the OK and IP columns.

#4. Hide. name Proxy Server

Hide. name Proxy Server checks your website’s online status via a proxy server.

This redirects your site to a different page and verifies its status. As a proxy server, your site can be accessed from different locations.

Follow these steps to use

  • Visit the home page, and Click free trial.
  • Enter your working email address, and click “Get code.”(free VPN password will be sent to your mailbox). Keep it safe.
  • Next Step:
  • Download and install the VPN for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android (Depending on your OS)
  • On successful installation, open the VPN program on your system.
  • Enter the code that was sent to your mail.
  • Select the country you wish to monitor your website’s online status from.

Your website is up and running from a specific country if you can access your site after changing your VPN to that country. Otherwise, Your website is in downtime in that country.

Consider doing this from a different VPN location to see which part of the world may be having a hard time accessing your site.

You’ll need to get a new code by registering with a different email after 24 hours of the free trial. Or with the same email address, you register for the premium plan for $8 per month to $24/6 months or $36 per annum.

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What if Your Website is Truly Down: What’s the Way Out?

If your down online status is isolated to a specific region, you have nothing to worry about. However, for a healthy worker-to-client relationship, you can check for your clients if they’re browsing from a restricted country.

If not, let your clients clear their browsers’ cache and try again. If problems persist from their end, they should try again later or contact a professional.

Is the problem from your end? Many things might be involved, ranging from Hacker activities to error codes.

The best action to take is to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The next step is to utilize preventive measures against future recurrences.


Why is my website down in other Countries?

The following are the reasons your site is down in other countries:
Federal economic sanctions
Compliance with other Nations’ privacy laws

What to do if your site is down?

Simply, contact your ISP for faster verification.

Wrapping It Up

Website downtime can be caused by unpredictable reasons like Hackers’ attempts, regional restrictions, and many more.

In our article “Is this Website Down? How to Check if Your Site is Working Worldwide.” We hold that; because you may not tell the cause of your site downtime, it’s necessary to Utilize Online status checkers to be at the top of your game.

Online status checkers are not one time stop from downtime occurrences. That is why you should Optimize your website with the best practices.

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