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WordPress Fonts Styling for your Editor & Site

So, your theme comes with a few WordPress fonts. Cool. Nice. But, firstly, you want MORE fonts sitewide right (and you want all kinds of control over them)? Or, secondly, you are a little tired of having all kinds of problems with spacing, formatting, look/feel, styling of font types and sizes on individual pages or posts, and more. Ok. I get it. It can be a pain sometimes with the stock WordPress editor.

But, we are here to help you out today with some down and dirty quick tips on getting some control over your font types and styling right now (both with a sitewide options and individual pages/posts option). These can be implemented and tested within 15 minutes or less each for the average user. This is a fast and down & dirty practical recommendation so you can get some more control over your WordPress fonts.

These tools will allow you to do the following on just about any WordPress theme:

  1. Add extensive options and controls over your fonts sitewide via a new "Typology" button in your Appearance>Custom menu. All changes can be tested real time and live.
  2. Add simple controls to your stock WordPress editor to change fonts, formatting, look/feel, sizing, and more in each individual page or post. This restores creativity in regard to having different font types OR sizes (something the stock WordPress editor is plagued with not doing very well). It is simple and a cool tool.

Note: Yes, you can use both together as well!
Quick WordPress fonts styling for your stock WP editor & site for just about any theme. Click To Tweet

Easy Google Fonts - Sitewide Fonts Option (1)

WordPress Fonts sitewide

Easy Google Fonts
200,000+ Active Installs to date
4.9 out of 5 stars on WordPress here to date

This plugins adds google fonts to just about all themes without coding or integrates. It adds a "Typology" menu item in your Appearance>Customize area in the WordPress Customizer. Also, it automatically shows realtime live previews. Nice!

WordPress font appearance customize

WordPress font colors


Fonts - For Individual Pages or Posts Option (1)

WordPress Fonts for Pages and Posts

20,000 Active Installs to date
4.1 out of 5 stars on WordPress here to date

Ok, so, this plugin will add additional font styles and sizes to your visual stock WordPress editor. But, it also will help with formatting, spacing, and overall page styling (where the WordPress stock editor lacks significantly . . . thereby hindering creative expression in this area). It adds 2 dropdown menus to your WordPress visual editor (i.e. styles and sizes buttons).

 WordPress Font Size
WordPress Font Size

Quick WordPress fonts styling for your stock WP editor & site for just about any theme. Click To Tweet

Along with WordPress fonts, you may want to also checkout sources for website images for your pages/posts and cool multi-purpose themes you can count on.

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