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When you are building your own website, there are tons of options. You can create a website from scratch - that is, do all of the coding yourself, you can create a WordPress website, or you can put your website on a platform, such as Squarespace.

We thought it might be beneficial to give you some of the pros and cons of both WordPress and Squarespace in order to help you decide where to host your website.

It’s important to note that we are talking about WordPress.org, not WordPress.com. WordPress.org is self-hosted and WordPress.com is not. Essentially, WordPress.com is a free blogging platform that doesn’t allow you to do any customization.

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WordPress is an open source platform that anyone can use and customize. If you know how to code, you can customize anything on your WordPress website. There are also a ton of free resources to use in a WordPress website since there are more than 75 million WordPress websites. Anyone can develop a plugin or theme for WordPress users to use on their websites - this also means that there are some terrible WordPress plugins out there, so watch what you are using!

Squarespace is not an open source website builder, so any tools must be produced by their in-house design team. This makes it simple for users to create their own website, but they may not be able to create exactly what they want to.

Ease of Use

WordPress has a slight learning curve to figure it out. You have to decipher the difference between posts and pages, categories and tags, and what plugins are the best.

Squarespace is a simple drag and drop platform, so it is very simple to use. The simplicity comes with fewer options, which is the trade off.


The easiest thing to do with WordPress is to buy your hosting, purchase a theme, install the theme, add your text, and publish. It’s not hard because it isn’t very customized. It can still look really good, but it may look similar to someone else’s website.

But one of the benefits of WordPress is that it can be customized. With a little bit of coding knowledge, you can create a completely customized website that can do anything you need it to do. You can also hire someone to help you create the website of your dreams if coding isn’t your forte.

There are thousands and thousands of free and paid WordPress themes and plugins you can use on your website which may help you create that customized website you are looking for.

Squarespace is not customizable as all developing must be done by the Squarespace design team.There are limited theme options available.


  • WordPress is an a la carte pricing, meaning you pay for things individually.
  • Web Hosting can cost you about $3.95/month with Siteground
  • You may purchase themes and plugins for your website
  • If you need customization, it will cost you up to $100/hour for developers to work on  your site
  • The annual cost can be anywhere from $48 to thousands of dollars


  • Squarespace is a monthly fee for everything, and it ranges from $12/month to $40/month


WordPress support often comes from forums, as it is difficult to get a response from WordPress. If you are having trouble with your WordPress site, we can help, often within a few hours.

Squarespace mandates that customers will be responded to within a few hours.

So which is best?

It really depends on what you are looking for on your website. If you want a website that is completely customizable, you probably want a WordPress website. If you are a newcomer to having an online presence and you need a basic website, Squarespace might be the way to go.


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