This is a "Quick Tips" post.

Ok, I understand. It is frustrating. Don't worry, hopefully this will help you solve the problem to date to get your WordPress XML sitemap errors fixed & back up. 

Whether you are running on a WordPress multisite or single installation, having your XML sitemap disappear apparently "out of the blue" can happen. Sometimes this can happen after a WP core update, plugin update, theme update (or lack of updating too for that matter) . . . or a host of other reasons. This can apply to the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin or even other types of XML sitemaps as well. You may experience a 404 error, 503, page not found, XML errors of some kind, or other unpleasant messages that do not make you smile as the noon-day sun does.

By the way, a "Quick Tips" post seeks to give you information fast so that you can get something useful from them fast that is actionable (without have having to read a lot of stuff). It attempts not to post too much information so as to avoid "information overload" (thereby many times invoking inaction vs. action in a majority of people . . . yes, there are exceptions).

Ok, back to sitemaps . . . 

NOTE: Yes, this can happen to your RSS feeds too (same fix can fix both issues).

Here are a couple examples (not limited to only these):xml sitemap

sitemap error

Quick Tips to fix WordPress XML sitemap errors causing it to not work suddenly. Click To Tweet

Ok, here you go:

I would say with a 95% assurance that if the above two bullet point (to date) did not work for you this this will (below). Where did I get that stat? I don't know . . . . it just feels right (i.e. I made it up). It would be cool if Yoast would come up with a built-in enable/disable switch to use within the plugin (if they think it would be helpful for folks that this happens to), but for now this it what works many times.
So, to continue . . . 

There you have it. I hope it helps some folks out there . . . 

Quick Tips to fix WordPress XML sitemap errors causing it to not work suddenly. Click To Tweet

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