Are Writing Mistakes Hurting Your Page Views?

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You work and work, write like you are about to win a Pulitzer, but still, people don’t read your blog! There can be many reasons why people don’t read your blog, but one of those reasons might be your writing. Here are some writing mistakes you might be making on your blog.

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writing mistakes you might be making on your blog

Writing Like You are Still in School

As a blogger, you need to share the information in your blog posts informally. This means you can throw away much of what you learned in school about writing.

Contractions (like can’t or wouldn’t) make your writing sound like you are talking to your readers, so use them whenever possible to make your writing sound less academic.

In school, you also likely had to avoid cliches like the plague, and I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to, especially if they help readers understand what you are talking about.

One last writing mistakes we make is trying to get the word count up by adding filler words. Your readers aren’t your 10th grade English teacher and they don’t care how many words your blog post is! Keep it succinct and to the point to keep your readers engaged.

Writing too informally

You have to find the sweet spot in your writing, where you can still be grammatically correct, but still write like you are having a conversation with your readers. This means you are using the proper form of words (don’t get there, their, and they’re mixed up), but you are writing like you are speaking to your reader. The Grammarly app can help you ensure your writing is as good as possible, and the free version works very well. Add it as a Chrome extension and you can get feedback as soon as you write your blog posts.

Using too Many Adverbs, Emojis, or Exclamation Marks

This is one of the writing mistakes that will make readers abandon your post very quickly. If you throw too much emotional language or signs into your writing, your readers will get tired of the drama very quickly, so keep it somewhat professional. These symbols will also have a lot more emphasis if they are used sparingly. 

Keep your language simple by getting rid of some of the adverbs. This is hard for many of us - including me - but it will keep your blog interesting. You may want to try to find a single word to replace the adverb and verb pairing. For example, if you want to write “she knocked loudly on the door”, you can replace that with “she banged on the door”. Can you see how this is a more powerful sentence?

Just because you can add a ton of emojis doesn't mean you have to. Ditto for exclamation marks. Add excitement or show emotion with your words. That doesn't mean you can't use some exclamation points or emojis, but make sure you are using them for the right purposes.

Writing with Big, Long Paragraphs

As a blogger, white space is your friend! Write short sentences and paragraphs, keeping the reader engaged by breaking up those long paragraphs into shorter ones. A good rule is to write paragraphs with no more than 1-4 sentences. Big long paragraphs are daunting to some readers so make an effort to use white space in your blog posts.

Writing a Ton of Information Under Each Header

Your headers are not chapters; keep them succinct. You should keep them at under 300 words f at all possible. Use sub-headings if you have too much information. You essentially want to give your readers information in bite sized pieces.

Writing for the Wrong Readers

Your audience should dictate your writing style. For most of us, that means you need to write for an audience that is busy, wants information, and doesn’t have time to waste. One of the worst writing mistakes many of us make on our blog includes writing at a higher level than we need to.

For most of us, we need to write at an eighth-grade level in order to keep readers reading. The exception might be if you are writing for engineers, doctors, or other highly skilled professionals.

The Hemingway app can show you what reading level you are writing at, along with other tips to improve your writing.

Are You Guilty of Any of these Writing Mistakes?

Are you guilty of any of these writing mistakes? There’s still time to improve your writing - it’s one of the skills that improve the more you practice.


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