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General Account Registration Success

BUT . . . Verify and/or Checkout to Confirm your Plan(s) are Active!

Great. You have either registered your account only OR registered your account & successfully completed your payment.
We can’t wait to begin your WordPress website help & support!
BUT STOP (let’s verify your site access for your plan & account)!

Summary Info: If you have created a account via a social media network connection, then go to Memberships & Change Your Plan now to select your plan, checkout, and be sure your Account is “Active” afterwards. No matter if you used a social media network to create your account or via the standard registration (i.e. name, username, email etc.), you then should still check your Account to be sure the status is showing as “Active” so you have correct access. For example, all “Active” plans should have access to Support Control (your help & support hub). You will find your special dedicated email address you use to send job requests or you may submit jobs direct in the Support Control too (all history and emails are synced on that page for you along with other useful support resources). You can send requests the way you like to work (via email or by Support Control).

If you do not show your plan level status as “Active” and you feel it should be, then contact us for help (below explains more if you need further detail).
If you selected a paid plan, the Payment Gateway may take a couple of minutes to process and return the payment status.

Scroll down
(if you want more info & details)

More Info (further details here & below): Your request to create a account was successfully received & your general login now works. Welcome! However, you still need to verify the plan you want is active on your account before getting started. All the below links will open in a new tab/window so you can quickly check them & then come back here as needed. Please verify your plan is correct & active (whether it is one of the free OR paid plans), by checking your Account (your current Membership name/plan should be named at the top along with a Status). If it still reads, “No Membership” (or is expired, canceled, etc) and it is not the Membership name/plan you want while also showing a Status of “Active”, then please review the Get Started (3 steps) page or just go directly to the Memberships & Change Your Plan now. While your logged-in, finish/complete the setup by selecting the button next to the plan you want (it will read,  “Signup or Complete Payment”) so you can checkout. Recheck your Account to verify it is correct & active. You will then have full access to all the benefits according to the plan selected. Only after you verify your plan, go to Support Control to get started.
Once you are ready, then simply go to Support Control where you will see the flexible ways in which you may submit your job requests and get started immediately! Note, if your Account is not on a active plan, you will not be able to access Support Control. If that happens to you, then please review the Get Started (3 steps) page. Feel free to contact us or LIVE chat/message anytime for help.

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