One of the blessings of the 21st Century is the gift of computers, the Internet is a finisher. The world has become “one global village”, meaning, you can reach anywhere at any time.

Narrowing that down, business transactions have never been easier, faster, and more profitable. You should be making $$$ by living in this century, otherwise; it’s not entirely your fault – you weren’t informed.

However, you must have heard of making money online at every turn, but you have yet to consider it.

Now, that you’ve, let me say this earlier; people are breaking the bank daily via online business and you too can.

It’s not magic, it’s simply, bringing your physical business online, locating the right audience, and making a lot of noise about the benefits of your products to your audience.

Keep at it and sooner, you’ll start at sandy bitches and pool parties.

The most difficult decisions are usually “What online business can I do and start making money online?” and lucky you, I have it all figured out for you.

15 minutes to this article, you’ll learn 5 legit ways to make money online and get rich in 2024, no kidding. But repeat after me; “patience is a factor of protection.”

Now, let’s begin.

5 Legit Ways to Make Money Online and Get Rich in 2024

There are 1000+1 ways to make money online and here are 5 legit ways to make money online and get rich in 2024:

#1. Create an eCommerce Site

Move your physical store online and it’ll become an E-commerce store

Don’t underestimate the width and breadth your business will go getting online compared to a geolocation shop and it requires little start-up cost.

Success is sure with e-commerce stores niching down. A niche is the type of product you focus on selling. It gives you an edge over your competitors and being updated makes your business timeless knowing the moment’s trend.

E-commerce store owners can make at least $63,000 in 3 months–when you know what you’re doing.

To begin an e-commerce shop, have a business plan, and map out inventory for shipping permits and licenses that can come later; start small.

The next step is to buy a domain name peculiar to your line of business and build a website. There are many free website builders with drag-and-drop features you can begin with. Like WordPress, hosting, etc.

If you can afford a professional website builder, fine. Set up your visit and run avert for traffic and here you go.

#2. Write and Monetize Blog Posts

What you’re reading now is a blog post. This article is meant to teach you legit ways to make money online and get rich in 2024, that’s one of the purposes of a blog.

If you can write coherent words and form a readable piece of knowledge like this one, you should start a blog.

You can intend your blog to share opinions and experiences. One of the ways to earn through blogging is by marketing products or services, and educating people on a certain topic for a fee. There are lots of ways to monetize your blog.

Don’t jerk every topic, always write down to be taken seriously by your audience. Laser niche it. Go for a specific cuisine on the food blog instead of doing general food blogging–you get the gist.

Blogging pays the bills, at least  $5,000/month but patience is required. You should focus on consistency, keep high-quality content, and spend on marketing techniques that work.

Starting a blog is as simple as knowing your topic of interest, buying a domain, setting up your blog site, and starting to write content optimized for SEO and readability.

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#3. Develop Websites for a Living

Businesses and brands are on a stampede to gain visibility online and we’re expecting more in the future. These businesses may offer different goods and services but they all need one thing to get online; a professional website developer.

This should be you.

A website developer designs and builds websites for people, businesses, and brands and these entities are happy to pay from multiple hundreds of dollars to several thousand. It boils down to your expertise, experience, and terms of agreement.

You might have an issue with coding, but who says anything about coding to be a high-paid website builder?

Coding is a big plus, but not the needed criteria. You can become a website builder by taking courses on how to design websites with popular web builders like WordPress, hostinger, GoDaddy, Wix, and more.

Get certified from Coursera, Udemy, and paid sessions with an expert.

#4. Make Online Courses

Success reeks of good knowledge, successful businesses, and individuals crave it. What do you know that adds value to the man next door? You should sell it as an online course.

It can be from any field such as Business, health, and personal development, these run the world and are the most sought-after course topics.

You can register and start earning on learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, edX,  Unacademy, NPTEL, Udacity, and too many to count based on their teaching niche. Or you can build your learning site and shut out the competition with your course formats and monetization.

Again, you can convert your courses to any format like eBooks, interactive PDFs, presentations, podcasts, and videos to match a demographic. You can sell them as digital products or subscription rewards.

My favorite way of selling online products when on a budget is to run paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Believe me, it works. Depending on your marketing skills and the effectiveness of your courses, you can bag up to $25,000/annum.

#5. Get into Drop Shipping

Would you have believed it if told that you could sell goods that aren’t yours and make a fortune out of it?

As a drop shipper, you market other people’s products to an interested audience, you handle the order placement while the owner of the product handles the inventory and fulfillment.

Drop Shipping is not affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is promoting a company’s products to interest an interested audience with a peculiar affiliate link. When a sale is made through your link, you get a commission.

While in dropshipping you add to the price of the product and when sold, the extra on top is your profit.

You can open an E-commerce store for dropshipping, all you need is to strike a deal with a good supplier some suppliers for dropshipping are:

  • AliExpress Dropshipping: AliExpress Dropshipping is an international wholesale and dropshipping site that connects e-commerce platforms to dropshipping providers and products.
  • SaleHoo: SaleHoo features a supplier directory listing more than 8,000 wholesalers that offer drop shipping. It suits merchants using eBay and Amazon dropshipping. SaleHoo focuses on US, UK, Australian, and New Zealand markets
  • Sunrise Wholesale: Get more than 10,000 dropshipping products on Sunrise Wholesale and have the orders shipped directly to your customers.


#1. Can I make money from home?

There are many ways you can make money from home, you just have to identify your interest and niche down on it. Some of the homework that brings in the bacon are:
– Freelance writing
– Professional voice-over artist
– Graphic designer
– Selling eBooks on Amazon KDP.
– Starting a podcast and more

#2. Do you need a website to start earning online?

With social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others needing a website is a function of choice. You can build your brand with social platforms and later scale up to building a website for your brand to show professionalism.

#3. Can I make money online for free?

If you have a good number of followers on one or more social platforms, you can start a dropshipping business at no cost to you. By posting the products and their benefits, you’re sure to generate sales, always remember to scale up when growth sets in.

#4. How to be successful in making money online?

Your success begins by knowing what you want, but knowing alone won’t bring results. Here are some virtues to add motion to your wish:
Make an effort. Give it your best to set up and explore the new venture, ensuring you have the required skill sets.
Cost. Have a start-up Capital to start the online business.
Interest. Only do what you’re genuinely interested in, stop looking for an easy way out.
Scalability. Always, check out whether your new venture has growth potential.


Human wants are insatiable and yesterday’s stock isn’t sufficient for today’s satisfaction.

Every day people buy and every day new products are introduced, and for you to earn you have to sell whether you’re a freelance writer, a website builder, or a blogger these are all different ways of selling.

So, get to know where you belong, niche down, and start taking some extra cash.

Dead the. the idea of having a website to sell, you can make a fortune via social media marketing.

The 5 legit ways to make money online and get rich in 2024 are the tip of the iceberg, do your research.

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