The Online Brochure Evolution

Back in the day, print media was king. From newspaper ads to flyers, marketers tried everything to attract the attention of potential consumers. Because there was no centralized place for consumers to gather, marketers needed to be everywhere in hopes of being seen by the right people.


Fast forward to today and you will see that print marketing has evolved into digital marketing. The internet has become that centralized location, allowing consumers to simply go online to get their information. This cultural shift has been great for marketers as they can reach larger audiences with fewer marketing techniques.


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Are the Old Ways Obsolete?

Although a cultural shift has occurred, it doesn’t mean that the tried and true techniques of the print age are obsolete. On the contrary, some marketing forms have easily made the transition to the digital age. They have also embraced new technology, allowing them to add a few new bells and whistles to their repertoire.


Online brochures are one of these forms that made the switch and it’s easy to see why. With their ability to link to social media, offer static images or dynamic videos, and the ability to track their analytics, online brochures are something you should add to your marketing plan.


In today’s post, we look at why online brochures are still relevant and what elements you need to consider to make your next online brochure a success.



The Benefits of Using an Online Brochure

According to Camille Winer, there are many benefits to using an online brochure. Here are the three most important benefits to you.


    • Track your conversion rates – The most important benefit of an online brochure is your ability to track its performance. Using your analytics tools, you can track how many times it has been opened as well as determine your overall conversion rates. That’s not something that could easily be done with a paper version.


    • Cost Savings – An equally beneficial aspect of an online brochure is the cost savings it represents. With a paper brochure, you would need to pay for printing and for mailing. Depending on how many copies you need, these costs could be heavy. With an online version, there are no mailing or printing costs, which could potentially save you thousands.


    •  Engagement – The third benefit of an online brochure is its ability to be interactive. You can embed links or Calls to Action directly into the document. For example, if you are using your brochure to sell a product, you can add a link that takes the reader directly to the checkout page. Alternatively, you can add social media buttons into the document allowing people to share your brochure on their feeds. This increases your exposure rates, which could ultimately lead to a larger customer pool.



What You Need to Consider Before Creating an Online Brochure

Know Thy Customer

Before you spend lots of time and effort creating an online brochure, take a step back and walk in your customer’s shoes. You may love your product or service and want to tell the world about it, but if no one is interested in your offer you’ve just wasted your time.


Before you spend lots of time and effort creating an online brochure, take a step back and walk in your customer’s shoes. Click To Tweet


To combat this problem, start with your ideal reader profile. This tells you who your target audience is and what their needs and challenges are. From there, brainstorm how your product or service can help meet those needs or fix their pain points.


Once you know your marketing angle, you can then create a brochure to highlight those points. By focusing your marketing on the user perspective rather than the company perspective, you increase the chances that your online brochure will get viewed.



It’s All About the Wording

When drafting your copy, keep the general public in mind. When you have a niche product or service, it’s easy to become immersed in the environment and to start using lingo in your daily life.


What you need to keep in mind is that your audience may not be as well-versed in the topic as you are. Therefore, if your online brochure copy is full of jargon and technical information, you may be limiting your customer pool.


By using simple language in your copy, your online brochure becomes easier to read and easier to retain. Simple language also helps you build a connection to your audience. Readers will feel that you are speaking to them rather than above them, making it easier for them to trust you.



Don’t Forget Your Calls to Action

The purpose of an online brochure is to promote your product or service to such a degree that the reader wants to become your customer. While that outcome seems obvious, you sometimes have to give your reader an extra nudge to get them to do just that.


A Call to Action button can be added into your brochure and can tell the reader what you want them to do next. Whether you want them to call you, email you, or buy your product right now you can create a button directing them down that path.



Ready to Create an Online Brochure for Your Company?

Online brochures are another tool that can be used in your marketing strategy. Their visual appeal and interactive features transform this traditional marketing form into a digital must-have. Why not add one to your website today.




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