Why Do You Need an About Me Page?

The goal of blogging is to have a loyal fan base who regularly reads your posts. An About Me page is a great way to help market yourself, and your blog, to readers in the hope that you can convert them from a reader into a subscriber.

If a reader has stumbled upon your site, they will read a few posts to get a feel for your writing style and to see if you offer anything of value. If they see something they like, their next stop is usually the About Me page. Readers will check out this page to learn more about you and your blog to see if they should keep coming back for more.

If you want to answer their questions and keep them coming back for more, a well-crafted About Me page is the best tool for the job. While a good About Me page should be short and succinct, there are 5 must-have elements that you need to include.


writing an about me page


1. Write for your audience

While new bloggers tend to write for the masses, more experienced bloggers have learned to narrow their focus. They have a niche and write for an audience that will appreciate topics in that niche. These bloggers have learned that a smaller engaged audience is worth more than random readers who subscribe to your blog and then forget about you. This same principle applies to your About Me page.

One way to narrow the focus of your About Me page is to create an Ideal Reader profile. This exercise allows you to decide who would benefit the most from your work and who is most likely to stick around for more. By knowing who you are writing for, you can tailor the tone and content of your About Me page to appeal to them. Therefore, when the right people come across your blog, they will know this blog is for them.


2. What’s In It for Your Readers

Now that you know who you are writing for, the next step is to tell your readers why they need to care about your blog. Remember, you are still in the middle of your sales pitch, so keep the attention on the reader. You could say something like, “If you love X, Y and Z, then you’ve come to the right place”.

It’s also good to mention how you will tackle subjects X, Y, and Z. Do you offer tips and advice? Are you providing general information? Or maybe you offer an entertaining take on these subjects. Whatever avenue you choose, let your readers know what they can expect from you.


3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If you are looking to build better connections with your readers, include a picture of yourself on your About Me page. Try using a picture that helps set the tone for your blog. If you like to use humor in your posts, pick a fun or casual pose for your picture. If you provide serious business advice, choose a photo that makes you look professional.

If you are looking to build better connections with your readers, include a picture of yourself on your About Me page. Share on X


When taking a photo, it’s a good idea not to cheap out. Professional headshots are ideal, but not required. If you are taking your own photo, make sure the lighting is good, the picture is not blurry and the photo reflects your blog’s tone. It’s important that you take the time to really pick a great picture for your blog. If you decide to quickly snap a photo just to include one, you could end up doing more damage to your site then you realize.


4. Contact Information

If a reader is inspired by your work and wants to connect, the About Me page might be one place they look for your contact information. Additionally, other bloggers might read your page and decide that they would like to collaborate on a joint project. In either case, don’t make your reader hunt around your site looking for your contact information.

You can also drive traffic to your About Me page by linking each of your posts to this page. You can have a Call to Action on each one of your pages with a phrase like “contact me” with a link that will take the reader to your About Me page. If you choose to do this, make sure you include all the ways you would like the reader to connect with you.


5. Your Greatest Hits

After working hard to promote yourself and your blog, why not end it with a bang by suggesting some of your greatest hits. These would be either your best or most popular posts.

Since the reader could have entered your site from a number of ways, they may not have come across your best work yet. By suggesting some posts to your reader, you are both keeping the reader on your site longer and hopefully converting a reader into a subscriber.


Final Thoughts

About Me pages can be as diverse as the people writing them. There is no right or wrong way to create one but including these essential elements will help make your page great. If you are yourself and don’t misrepresent yourself, you will connect with your readers and have many happy subscribers. Happy blogging.


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