Do you use Facebook to promote your blog?

Did you know that Facebook has over 1 billion daily active users? With a potential audience that large, Facebook should be at the top of your list when creating a marketing plan.


According to Karola Karlson, there are four main reasons why you should use Facebook to promote your blog:
• Low cost-per-click when compared to other social media platforms
• Facebook’s Ad Manager allows for sophisticated audience targeting to reach potential readers
• Paid ads allow you to expand the organic reach of your post
• Facebook’s Ad Manager is easy to set up and manage.

If you aren’t already using Facebook, here are some tips to help maximize the way you promote your blog on this social media platform.

Create a Business Page

Most bloggers create a blog to serve as both a creative outlet and a business venture. If you are looking to build a business and brand it properly, it’s important to have separate personal and business accounts. You don’t want to spend all your time building a brand and then have your image tarnished by one personal picture taken out of context.

Most bloggers create a blog to serve as both a creative outlet and a business venture Share on X


Another reason why business pages are so crucial is the ability to create Facebook Ads. If you want to promote or boost your posts in Facebook, ads are a necessity. Personal pages do not allow you access to the Ads Manager feature, so you will need to create a business page.

Another advantage for creating a business page is that you can connect directly with your audience. These readers have shown an interest in your work and are excited to hear about your new posts. If you use your personal account for business, you run the risk of annoying your personal friends with your post updates. Some of these people may only have wanted to hear about your personal life and not so much about your business. Therefore, if they are getting numerous updates about your business, they may unfollow or unfriend you.

The people who subscribe to your business page, on the other hand, want to hear all about what your business has been up to. They liked your business page and have essentially given you permission to update them with the latest information about your blog.


Set the Target Audience for your Posts

Facebook is a great tool to help build your organic reach and to reach readers who may have been unaware of your work. One way to help advertise your work is to post often. If you are looking for post suggestions, why not look towards the posts you have already written? By posting some of your blog articles on your Facebook page, you are giving your audience a taste of your overall blog.


Facebook has introduced a relatively new feature to the posting function and now allows you to target the audience for your posts. Similar to the targeting feature in the Ads Manager, you can set the age, language, interest or location of people you would like to target for your posts. This feature allows you to hone in on your target audience so you have a better chance of converting the one-time visitor into a fan.


Join Facebook Groups

Another way to promote your blog is by doing some self-promotion. The best way to tell others about your blog is to join Facebook groups and share your knowledge. When deciding which groups to join, you should consider where your potential audience will be. If you are looking to add your peers to your audience, you will need to seek out groups dedicated to bloggers specializing in your niche. These groups will be a support network for you and will allow you to gain new ideas and insight into your own work.

On the other hand, if you goal is to build an audience, you need to go where your readers will be. They will be in groups different from your fellow bloggers. Your audience will be in groups aimed at helping to solve their problems and address their concerns. Your job is to seek out the individuals in these groups and be helpful and resourceful. By helping to solve their problems, you become the expert to them and they will seek you out for more information. This not only builds your audience, but it also builds your credibility.


Final Thoughts

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Facebook to promote your blog, check out our post here. There are so many great ways that Facebook can be used to help promote your blog. How do you use Facebook?


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