Is No One Reading Your Blog?


While blogging can be a fun and creative outlet, it can also be the cause of great stress. One of the greatest sources of that stress comes from wondering why no one is reading your blog.


This can be a tough part of the blogging journey. You try your best to have fantastic content, and yet your page views are still in the single digits. While some bloggers have expressed that low site traffic affects their sense of self-worth, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be this way.


By making a few simple changes to your blog and marketing strategies you can avoid the dreaded “no one is reading my blog” rite of passage.


no one is reading your blog

Top Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Blog

There are some key reasons why no one is reading your blog. If you are just starting out and have low site traffic, don’t stress.


As Rachel Bale points out, new blogs start out with low traffic as they have yet to be granted authority status by the search engines. However, with attention to SEO, your marketing strategy and your business plan you can turn things around.


Here are the top reasons why you may have low site traffic:


1. No Social Media Presence

If your business plan is to solely focus on your blog and ignore your social media marketing, you are behind the times. Readers are busy people and don’t have the time to comb the internet looking for great sites. Therefore, you need to help them find you.


By heading out to sites that are frequented by your ideal readers, you save them the trouble of trying to find you. By going to them, you can start forming relationships with your potential readers. You can also start increasing your niche authority by helping to solve the problems of your potential audience. Once readers have learned that you can help them, you can use those new connections to bring traffic back to your site.


2. Inconsistent Publishing

One thing search engines love and reward is new content. For example, a study done by HubSpot found that companies that blogged 11+ times per month had almost 3X more traffic than those who blogged only 0-1 times per month.


There are two reasons why publishing new content consistently is important. The first reason is that the search engines are learning to love you. Search engines are always looking for new original content, and if your site is consistently providing it, they are going to increase your site ranking.


The second reason is that we are becoming a culture of bingers. If you love a show, you are going to try binge watching the entire season overnight. The same is true for blog posts. If a reader loves your site, they will want to read as many of your posts as they can. By giving them a lot of content up front, and a steady stream of new content, you are going to satisfy their binge cravings and keep them coming back.



3. Not Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

Social Media marketing works to increase your online presence, but if you want to expand your site’s organic reach you need to pay attention to SEO strategies.


By optimizing your site for search engines, you will increase your search engine results page (SERP) ranking. This is important because higher rankings mean your site will show up closer to the first results page. The highly coveted number one spot typically has a greater than 30% clickthrough rate, so being ranked near or at the top would definitely help increase your site visits.


If you are interested in learning more about SEO, check out our post about SEO basics.


4. Poor Headlines

Another reason why no one is reading your blog is poor headline wording. When a reader is looking for answers on a subject, the first thing they do is plug their query into a search engine, then skim the results. When faced with potentially thousands of results, the reader is looking for a headline that grabs their attention. If your headline is weak, you are going to be skipped over for something more eye catching.


When drafting your next headline, start by making it between 6 to 13 words. These lengths were found to have the highest and most consistent traffic. Incorporating lists or how-to aspects into your title are also great ways to inspire enough curiosity to generate clicks.


For more help in crafting a great headline, check out our article on headlines here.



5. Not writing for your audience

You can be creating beautiful and grammatically correct masterpieces, but if your audience has no interest, its all been for naught. Posts that do not connect with your audience could be another reason why no one is reading your blog.


Posts that do not connect with your audience could be another reason why no one is reading your blog. Click To Tweet


To avoid not connecting with you audience, you need to learn what motivates and inspires them. Check out social media sites that your ideal reader may visit and see what kind of comments and questions pop up. Use those ideas to help you craft posts that will be of interest to your readers.


The one thing to avoid at all costs, however, is centering your posts around you. While a daily journal about your life may be interesting to your parents, it’s hard to form a long-term connection with your readers over this kind of topic.


To fix this problem, center your posts around your reader. By providing solutions to the reader, you answer their “What’s in It For Me” questions. Now, you can put your own personal spin and touches on the topic, but make sure your focus stays on the reader.


Final Thoughts

Focusing on content creation is a crucial step in blogging but paying attention to the peripheral components of your blog will pay off as your site traffic increases. While it may be intimidating to soldier on when no one is reading your blog in the first place, but keep at it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will succeed. Happy Blogging!


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