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Your theme is the core of your site for now and also for the future. So, you want to love it and want it to have future extend-ability and active updates/support too from the developers! Hence, the reason for the below explanations and insight for you. The Divi multi-purpose WordPress theme can count on. It is create by Elegant Themes lead by founder Nick Roach in 2008. Nick has been on record and has produced tools it in such a way that you may switch to other themes without losing your content created in the Divi builder should you ever want/need to do so in the future as well. So, there is no worry in that regard. However, you can literally creating thousands of totally unique and different layouts and designs with it so you may not ever need for a long time (even if you wanted something new later then you can likely adjust it right in Divi itself within the same theme to get a totally different layout).

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Divi is definitely one of the top WordPress performer on the planet currently. If you want another opinion/viewpoint on comparisons take a look here (3rd party):

There are videos, examples, and real live demos as well below. Watch the short video (the play button in the purple horizontal area) and then just briefly scan/review the features:

Direct demos and examples:

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Oh, yea, take a look at another cutting edge series of WordPress themes geared toward the ultra-future:
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