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I really like these series of themes for both the beginner and expert WordPress folks out there. WordPress is changing and evolving rapidly. This can be considered some of the new and exciting changes/trends in WordPress development. In this case it is on a particular set of themes. These are visual drag and drop WordPress themes. The technology is very cutting-edge and has yet to be "put through the paces". They were launched a few months ago but have over a million-dollars of development behind it by one of the top WordPress theme and plugin developers on the planet (WPMUDEV). We are talking about the Upfront series of themes.

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Here is a introduction:
Upfront Introduction

Upfront On The Fly Live Editable Demos:
Upfront Live Demos

This theme technology is likely going to be a big part of the future of WordPress. Since it is fairly new, though, consider it carefully and know it is in active development but still very much usable (lot of changes are happening with the Upfront series of themes). If you want some cutting edge themes to play with on your next project, then check them out.

WPMUDEV recently put about 150 of their older themes in the "Legacy" category. 

We think you may also want to know what WordPress theme ranks near the very top in all categories too.

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