How to Master the Art of Facebook

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You have worked hard to design the perfect website, you have analyzed and critiqued every sentence, and you are ready for the world to stop by and take a look around.  The trouble is, the internet is a vast sea of content and you are just a small boat floating along, hoping to be noticed. The best way to get noticed is to be a part of a community and interact with your fellow members so they stand up and take notice of you. One of the ways to get noticed is to use Facebook to increase your page views.

increase your page views

One of the best digital communities available is Facebook.  According to Facebook’s Facebook page, their mission is to “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together”.  You can harness this sense of community to help bring awareness to your website and get more people interested in clicking over to check things out.  Here are some tips and tricks to use Facebook to increase your page views:

Get Noticed and Increase Your Page Views

Join Facebook Groups

Use Facebook to increase your page views by joining groups whose audiences would be interested in your business.  Once you are a member, contribute to the group in a frequent and meaningful way.  Reach out and help or encourage at least one person per group every couple of days.  This technique not only gets you noticed, it also builds your reputation as a leader in your field.  Those you have helped may be curious to learn more about you and are more willing to click over to your site to learn more about what you do.

Some groups allow members to promote their businesses on a specific day.  Be cautious in joining groups merely for self-promotion, however.  If your Facebook Group is very large, you may get many members all doing self-promotion on that one day.  If your audience has no connection to you, you run the risk of being just another voice in the crowd. 

Take Advantage of Facebook Ads

Using Facebook ads, you can use a combination of promoted posts and targeted ads to increase your chances of getting noticed.  If you already have a Facebook fan base, use promoted posts to keep your followers up to date on what you are doing.  Promoted posts are warm sells as they target your fans and their friends.  If you are looking to increase your audience, however, use targeted ads.  You can tailor the ad to reach an audience whose demographics or interests would find your site interesting enough to click over to learn more. 

When you are tailoring your ad, keep in mind how your ad will be viewed on different media platforms.  If your ad goal is to increase website traffic, ensure that your ads are optimized to show on desktops, tablets, mobiles, etc.  However, if the goal of your ad is sales, try restricting the ad to only show on desktops.  Readers are more likely to buy when they are on a computer rather than a mobile device. If you have the budget, ads are a great way to increase your page views using Facebook.  

Share Content from other Sites

Sharing other great content on Facebook is another way to increase your page views. Have you come across articles or stories that you think your fans would like?  Share it.  While sharing content from trustworthy sources and industry leaders on your Facebook page may sound counter-intuitive, it can actually be quite beneficial to you.  Sharing other content on your page shows fans that your page should be their go-to for keeping informed on your subject matter.  This will keep fans coming back time and time again, which can result in those fans becoming your advocates, helping to grow your audience.  Sharing other sites’ content may also lead to those businesses sharing your content with their audiences, leading to more potential traffic to your site.

Time your Posts

Have you ever heard the saying, “Timing is Everything”?  Well, the same can be said for posting on social media.  In a study conducted by Kissmetrics, it was knowing when the highest amount of your audience is surfing the web that can give you a leg up in ensuring your posts receive the maximum amount of exposure.  They found that the best day to post is on Saturdays, and the best times to post are either at noon or just after 7 pm.  They also found that posting every one to two days receives that most amount of Facebook likes.  These are all important insights to know in getting your audience to interact with you.  The greater the amount of positive interaction, the more your audience will be interested in what you do and want to learn more.

Keep It Interesting and Increase Your Page Views

Working hard to get noticed is great, but it’s only half the battle in getting more traffic to your site.  You have piqued the reader’s interest, now you have to entice them to visit your site.  Here are some tips on keeping your audience interested and engaged:

Make a Visual Impact

Studies have found that people remember 80% of what they see or do and only 20% of what they read.  This has a big impact on marketing on social media.  Today’s consumer prefers visual content to word-based content. To increase your page views using Facebook, keep your audience intrigued by using good quality images and graphics to visually entertain them.  Using images with dimensions set to 1200 x 628 is a good rule of thumb.

Keep it Current 

It can be said that there is no greater deterrent to a reader than clicking on a Facebook page with out-of-date content.  Is the company still in business?  With the amount of other content available on the internet, visiting an out-of-date site will only cause the reader to bounce to a site with content worth their time.  Keeping a steady stream of fresh, original content on your Facebook page, keeps your audience engaged and interested in coming back for more.    Posting fresh, engaging material also helps to beat the Facebook algorithm, like we discussed here.      

Don’t play Hide-and-go-Seek

Make it easy for your reader to navigate from your Facebook page to your website.  If they are on your Facebook page, they have already shown interest in what you are about.  Make it easy for them to click over to your website to learn even more.  In the small “About” section underneath your profile picture, add a one-line sentence about what you do and then include a link to your website.  Add your website to the About tab on your Facebook page.  Include links to your website in your page posts.  Make it effortless for people to find out more.

Engage with your Audience

Eye-catching graphics on Facebook will grab your reader’s attention, but positively interacting with them will keep them engaged, which is one of the best ways to increase your page views.  You have now gone from a fleeting thought to something your reader will remember.  Now that you have their attention, how about some clear calls-to-action to get the reader to click on your well-placed website links.  Try asking short, witty, and relatable questions about one of your recent website posts.  This will not only engage your reader, but will tempt the reader to click over to your website to learn more.  Or how about a content?  Post a contest with all the details on your website and then use Facebook ads to advertise the contest.  Use the ad to notify your audience that a contest is underway, but make it clear that they must visit your website to get all the details.    

Facebook is a powerful social media tool that, when used correctly, can help increase your page views your site will receive.  Use the community aspect of Facebook to get noticed by your potential audience.  Once you have their attention, keep them interested in what you do by regularly posting original content that makes them curious to know more.  What are some of the ways you like to use Facebook to help get your site noticed?


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