How to Beat the Facebook Algorithm and Get Organic Growth for Your Blog

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As a blogger and business owner, you know you need to share posts and information on social media. But when you share posts on your blog’s Facebook page, the reach is miniscule, which makes you wonder how to beat the Facebook algorithm.

It is probably no surprise to bloggers that their organic reach is dropping on social media. As platforms create advertising options, they change their algorithms to decrease the amount of organic reach you can get by simply posting. But all is not lost, here are some ways to beat the Facebook algorithm!

beat the Facebook algorithm

Go Live

Facebook promotes its latest and greatest options, and right now that’s the Facebook Live. Facebook lives, even those with few people who watch them live, rank higher in the Facebook algorithm. Your reach, especially with non-private groups can be exponential, so this is our number one way to beat the Facebook algorithm.

Keep your Facebook Live video succinct and to the point. Make it entertaining by changing your voice levels and showing excitement, and invest in a decent camera, microphone, and lighting to make your readers enjoy watching you. If the live video makes you nervous, practice before using a recording so you can critique your performance - just be sure to remember that you will get better with practice and you probably are better than you think you are!

Post Excellent Content

Post content that encourages your followers or members to engage within your page or group shows Facebook that your readers want to see your posts in their newsfeed.

Create a Call to Action on Every Post so Readers Comment

Consider asking a question when you answer your readers question or comment to encourage them to respond again. The more comments you get, the more engaged your post is and the more likely it is to be at the top of your reader’s news feed.

Add Images to Your Posts

It is probably no surprise that posts with images are noticed significantly more than posts with text only. Add an interesting graphics to catch your reader's attention, or add a simple photo. You can also add a short video (shorter than 5 minutes) that you think your readers will find relevant and interesting.

Post often

It’s not to say that the more you post the more your posts will be shown in the newsfeed, but you need to post regularly. A couple of times a day is much better than once a week.

Reply to every comment

If you have a Facebook page or group, you should comment whenever appropriate to your reader’s comments. This shows you are engaged, and it also makes you rank higher in the algorithm, which is why this is a great way to beat the Facebook algorithm.

Post When Your Ideal Reader is on Social Media

You may have noticed that your posts get more engagement at certain times and other times they don’t get noticed. The time you post is an important way to beat the Facebook algorithm, so take note on when your posts get the most traction.

You can use Facebook’s publishing feature to schedule posts in groups and on business pages.

Keep Your Posts Shorter

Telling a story on social media is fine as long as it’s short and sweet. Don’t make your posts too wordy because you risk losing readers before they get to the end of the post.

Boost Posts

If you have money in your advertising budget and want to beat the Facebook algorithm by boosting a post or two, you can spend money to reach high up in readers (current and potential) news feed.

If you are going to boost a post, define your ideal audience before you do so, and create a targeted audience. This will make your money go further and help you reach your ideal followers.

What’s your favorite way to beat the Facebook algorithm? Share your thoughts in the comments. 



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