Best social media plugins for your WordPress website

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Who is to say what the best social media plugin is for your WordPress website? They may do the job differently, but the ultimate goal of every social media plugin is to help you get your content shared.

People love sharing blog posts and other articles, so if you don’t maximize sharing, you might not get as many readers as possible.

Start with no more than 3 different platforms when you are starting out

The thing to keep in mind with social media is that your readers are not on every different platform, so don’t stress out and try to have a presence on each one. Find out where your target audience is located and set up accounts on those platforms. The main social media platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Google Plus

You may want to focus on no more than 3 different platforms, at least when you are first starting out. Once you set up your social media pages, follow your analytics to see where your audience is coming from and what posts they are reading. It's a good idea to tweak your content once you know what your readers enjoy reading. 

We found some great WordPress social media plugins for 2017.

Social media plugins wordpress website


One great thing about Mashshare is that it sets up your social media posts in advance. You pick a default vertical image for Pinterest and one for sites that use horizontal images (Facebook and Twitter among others), which allows you to avoid picking the image that either won’t fit or is too small.


The Jetpack Social Sharing Plugin comes installed with your WordPress site. It’s easy to set up and the icons are simple yet elegant. You can also set your Jetpack plugin to post comments from Facebook, and Jetpack will automatically post to social media whenever you publish a new post.


Monarch, which is an Elegant Themes plugin, is hooked up to 20 different social media platforms. You can choose to have your social sharing icons in a fixed location or you can choose to have them pop up or fly in. The cost is free to Elegant Themes members or $69/year

Pin It Button

Pinterest is the second biggest search engine (behind Google, of course), so if you aren’t creating pinnable images and setting your content to be shared on Pinterest, you might be missing out. By allowing your readers to share your content on Pinterest, you may be opening your website to hundreds or thousands of new visitors.

Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet is a way for your readers to get your message out in a simple tweet. You decide the message and set it up in advance, then your readers click the link and it’s done. It’s a simple way for your readers to share your message.

Instagram Feed

With more than 200 million Instagram accounts, it’s no wonder users want to share their Instagram pages on their website. With the Instagram Feed plugin, you can post your Instagram feed on your website sidebar or footer. The automatic push function allows you to always have new images for your readers to enjoy, and since it’s completely customizable, you always have control over the size, photos, and background colors of the widget.


Shareaholic is a sharing plugin that is intended for marketers; It helps content marketers to grow their audience by offering reader analytics so you know what works and what doesn’t. They also have floating share buttons for increased sharing, and follow buttons to grow your social media pages.

Social Buzz WordPress Plugin

If you want larger icons so your readers have no choice but to share your posts, the Social Buzz plugin might be what you are looking for. Social Buzz displays an icon at the end of every post so that your readers can “like” your post and/or share it on social media.

Simple Social Icons

Studio Press, the makers of Genesis, developed this simple plugin that allows you to display the icons and match them to your website branding.


How to add a new plugin

To add your new social media plugins, go to the plugins setting on your WordPress website and click on “add new”; you can search for any social media plugin and download it easily right through your site.


Where do you put your new social media plugins?

One thing to remember: You can install a plugin and hope for the best, but the placement of the icons might be as important as installation. Many bloggers feel that at the bottom of the article is a good placement, but you might want to experiment to see what works the best for you and your readers. You may find that pop up sharing icons increases the number of shares, while others like the unobtrusive look of a simpler icon. Experiment to see what works the best for your readers.

Not all social media plugins are going to be the best for every user; install the ones you want to try and see if it fits your needs. Simple usually means faster load time, while plugins with more advanced features might have the more robust traits that you need to run your business.

What are your favorite social media plugins? One of the ones listed or something completely different?



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